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The opportunity to become a frontrunner in America’ next biggest technology center is now. We explore the causes and outcomes of the businesses building their digital capability in Texas - and the chance for new talent to get ahead.

Amidst the rising cost of living and accelerating skills shortage across the US, organizations across industries are seeking new areas to access untapped talent and drive innovation – and finding the opportunity within Texas. To keep ahead of the pace of change in the data and technology landscape, Kubrick are expanding their capabilities to support businesses in this emerging tech center and creating new opportunities for graduates of all backgrounds to pivot the technology industry and accelerate their careers.

America's fastest growing tech hubs

The great migration out of Silicon Valley continues, as a rising cost of living and skills scarcity threaten innovation. For the first time since 2005, talent inflows to hubs like San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland have decreased while influx was greatest in Florida and Texas, according to research from Microsoft’s New Future of Work report[1]. While tech layoffs in these declining centers have permeated the news cycle of the last year[2], leading organizations in traditional sectors outside of technology are forging ahead with their digital transformation – and doing so in lower cost centers like Texas and Florida. A champion of the migration is JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who revealed that the organization now has more employees in Texas than in New York[3], while also expanding in Florida.

Texas is now home to businesses of all sizes with a large technology footprint who are seeking new talent and fighting the rising cost of living and resource. Dallas and Houston are leading the technology boom, with research indicating that they are the first[4] and third[5] fastest growing technology centers in the US respectively. Both cities are attracting dozens of Fortune 500 companies as well high potential start-ups, creating ample opportunities for graduates and junior professionals who are looking to launch a career with stability and fast growth potential.

“The immediate and growing need for talent in Houston, Dallas, and across Texas is unparalleled to any other market in the US”, said Jay Lockwood, Senior Vice President for Kubrick US. “When Kubrick expanded from the UK to North America, we quickly followed this market demand and are proud to be supporting some of America’s most valuable businesses to enhance their data and next-generation technology capability. Most importantly, our model allows these organizations to build their teams with diverse, high potential talent at the start of their careers in order to drive long-term, sustainable transformation in low-cost centers where our consultants can thrive.”

The opportunity for graduates to accelerate their career - and earnings – in Texas

The rising cost of living is pushing businesses and their talent out of declining tech centers on the West Coast, providing a unique opportunity for recent graduates to increase their earning potential and better manage their cost of living and student debt. Industry research from Glassdoor shows Data Engineers with 1-3 years' experience in Houston earn, on average, c. $110,000, compared to c. $120,000 in San Francisco, where the cost of living is 103% more than Houston. With the 2nd lowest cost of living across the 20 biggest cities in America[6], the high quality of living for entry-level salaries has seen Houston named one of the top options for graduate relocation to get started on the career ladder[7]. The breadth of opportunities is attracting an influx of young talent; as the most populous city in the South, Houston also has the second lowest median age in the US at 34.9, compared to 38.5 nationwide[8].

Kubrick Business Insights & Analytics Engineer Brian Fang is relocating to Texas to work with one of Kubrick’s clients in Houston. After graduating from the University of California San Diego with a degree in Neuroscience, he chose to train with Kubrick to kickstart their career in data and tech.

“I decided to join Kubrick because of the unique opportunity to quickly transition into the data industry while getting paid for training and working for a company with values aligned with my own”, explained Brian. “Kubrick’s training has been an excellent environment for my professional growth. Although the training process has been quite challenging, I am constantly supported by my trainers and Consultant Success Manager. I am a big believer that meaningful personal growth requires leaping out of your comfort zone, so moving to Texas was the perfect opportunity for me to seek out a new adventure as I am originally from the West Coast.”

As the tech boom in Texas shows no sign of slowing, Kubrick are scaling their provision of consultants for organizations and individuals alike to grow their data and tech capabilities. Kubrick’s first cohort of Business Insights & Analytics Engineers are now in training to prepare for their client placements in Houston and Dallas, with cohorts of specialist Data Product and Data Management consultants set to begin training this summer.

Kubrick is an award-winning data, AI, and cloud consultancy designed to overcome the digital skills emergency by building its own workforce of high trained individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. They have trained over 1,500 consultants across the US and UK to support over 100 global organizations to evolve and embrace next-generation technology. T
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[7] https://houston.innovationmap....

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