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At Kubrick, we actively seek smart, adaptable individuals from a breadth of backgrounds, who can bring a fresh approach to businesses by realizing the potential of data, AI, and next-generation technology.

Why join one of the fastest growing companies in data, AI, and next-generation technology?


Receive high-quality training

15 weeks of high-quality paid training delivered by industry experts in agile teams that reflect the modern working environment.

Learn more about our Training Agreement.


Work with exciting organizations

Work on engaging projects with amazing organizations, applying your skills to meaningful business challenges to make an impact in world-leading companies.


Solve problems with diverse teams

Collaborate and grow with a diverse group of peers, bringing different perspectives and a fresh approach to solving challenges.


Accelerate your career

Kubrick's unique blend of high-quality training and access to exciting opportunities will accelerate your career faster than typical organizations.

We are building the workforce of the future

We are committed to increasing diversity and creating new opportunities for both people and organizations in data, AI, and next-generation technology.

Female and non-binary consultants in next-generation technology


Consultants trained


Earning potential after 2 years of consulting with Kubrick


Our practices

We offer unrivalled training designed by industry experts, which replicates the real working environment. This training is divided into unique streams that prepare consultants for different areas and roles within data and next-generation technology.

Our model

Our model allows us to make an upfront investment in training and developing our consultants, so as to accelerate their careers. In order to make this investment, we have an agreement in place that our consultants spend 2 years after training working with us and our clients, where they will gain exposure to a range of exciting projects while continuing to develop technical and professional skills.

In the event any consultant is unable to complete their 15-week training programme or 2 years of client engagements, we reserve the right to reclaim the cost of the training provided. However, we understand that colleagues leave training programmes for a wide variety of reasons, and we carefully assess every individuals’ circumstances before deciding whether or not to ask them to pay a portion of the costs related to the 15-weeks training they received. We also have a 2-week “cooling off” period in our employment contracts, meaning that any consultant who leaves within the first 2 weeks of training is not required to repay any of the training agreement costs.

Our clients

We work with leading organizations across all industries to transform their capabilities in data, AI, and cloud. Kubrick is partnered with the champions of their sectors to provide relevant and innovative solutions across financial services, retail, insurance, energy, media and telecommunications, and more.

What we look for

We take great pride in hiring the right people for our various practices, who can hit the ground running on client projects post-training. Here is an overview of the qualities and characteristics we look for.

Strong communicators and collaborators

Strong communication and collaboration skills are critical for any project. You will frequently be required to work as part of a team to overcome challenges and must be confident at communicating complex or technical terminology to people both within the team, and outside the world of data, AI, and next-generation technology.

Curious problem-solvers with growth mindsets

We look for people who are naturally curious about the world around them and aren't afraid of making mistakes. Our consultants have an analytical mindset that allows them to draw accurate insights from information and reach effective solutions.

Strong intellect

The ability to think rationally and objectively, especially in regard to abstract matters, is vital for our training program and the work undertaken after training.


The world of data, AI, and next-generation technology is always changing and so are the needs of our clients. Our consultants must be adaptable, open to changing environments, and comfortable with the idea of geographic flexibility within the regions in which we consult.

How our process works

Learn more about our process, from application to transition, and the opportunities available to you after 2.5 years with us.



Apply to one of our programs and undertake a series of interviews and interactive assessments.



If successful, you and your cohort will be onboarded into the business, where you will learn more about Kubrick, meet members of HQ, and get to know your peers.



Over the 15 weeks, our immersive training program will prepare you both technically and professionally, transforming you into industry experts.



You will be matched with one of our clients that best suit your capabilities, thereby optimizing delivery.



Our People Team will provide dedicated support throughout your time on site.



After two years, you will have the option to join your client permanently and stay connected to Kubrick through our Alumni network, or continue consulting with us at a senior level.

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Apply to join Kubrick as a consultant

If you are interested in joining our consultancy and entering the world of data, AI, and next-generation technology, please complete our application.

Things you should know

  • Contractual obligation
  • Geographically flexible
  • 15 weeks of training followed by client assignment
  • Dedicated People Team support throughout your client projects
  • The opportunity to join your client permanently after two years or continue consulting for Kubrick on shorter-term client projects

Meet our consultants

Trained in the skills you require to enhance your business performance, our consultants are said to be the leaders of the future by our client community.

Isabel Becker

Isabel Becker

Data Management Consultant

Oscar Hansen

Oscar Hansen

Data Product Consultant

Nikita Mandavia

Nikita Mandavia

Data Management Consultant

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Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ page which contains more information on our application process, training, benefits and more.

Recent questions

  1. Will I be expected to continue learning post-training?

    Though you will gain a robust technical foundation during training, you may be expected to quickly learn new languages and software while on site with clients. A desire to learn and keep up with the industry is vital.

  2. How is my progress measured?

    During training, you will receive feedback on test scores after every module covered. Post-training, performance-related feedback will be given to you at months 8, 14, and 18.

  3. What type of progression opportunities are there?

    After having gained experience on client site, there may be opportunities to oversee a small group of other Kubrick consultants as a Year 3 consultant.

  4. Will I progress from Year 1 to Year 2 in terms of my role and responsibilities?

    As you transition from Year 1 to Year 2, your responsibilities tend to increase in line with your growing skills and knowledge, plus understanding of the client and industry. This increased responsibility usually translates into more complex projects with visibility to the wider organization.

  5. What support will I receive?

    Our consultants benefit from a dedicated Consultant Relationship Manager, who is on hand to support you throughout your client assignments.

  6. Will I have a say in where I get placed?

    We match consultants against roles and industries that best suit their strengths, demonstrated in the labs and professional/educational experiences.