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Your chance to break into next-gen tech.

No prior experience in data or technology is required to become a consultant at Kubrick, as our 2.5-year development program is designed to help individuals break into the field and build their career from within.

Due to a high volume of interest, applications are currently closed however you can register your interest below.

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What you'll receive as a Kubrick consultant

Our 2.5-year development program, which blends custom, salaried training, exposure to real-world projects with leading clients, and ongoing support, will unlock your potential and help your career accelerate faster than it would elsewhere.

Click on the green arrows to the right of each header to find out what you’ll receive throughout our 2.5 year program!

Custom, salaried training

Four months of custom salaried training in the latest tools, tech, and professional skills relevant to your specialism. This training is designed by our in-house team of industry professionals and delivered in our own training methodology, setting you up for success and ensuring you thrive on client site and beyond.

Training begins with a comprehensive Data Ecosystem Foundation, which will then split into one of two pathways, Data Product & Advanced Analytics, or Analytics & Governance Engineering, determined by the skills you’ve demonstrated and your desired areas of interest.

Guaranteed client engagements

Once you have successfully passed the four months of training, we will assign you to a leading client where you will work on a range of projects relevant to the training you received and have a real impact. Although the length of client engagements can vary, we will ensure that you receive two years of experience with one or more clients post-training.

Ongoing career progression

After 2 years of client placements, you will have the opportunity to join your client as a permanent employee, or remain with us and progress internally.

A growing percentage of consultants are also choosing to stay with us, as we continue to build out our senior offerings and create long-term career paths for people in data and technology.

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Unlock your potential, accelerate your success

We'll support you both professionally and personally from day one, whilst empowering you to seek out and make use of the wide range of development resources that are available throughout your employment with us.

Training Support

You’ll be supported by our in-house Readiness team throughout the four months of training, ensuring you are workplace-ready before you begin your client engagements.

During the training, you won’t be expected to do any work alongside, meaning you can focus solely on your development.

Our training will fast-track you to projects that are typically reserved for people with more experience, accelerating your career.

engagement Support

We’ll arrange your client interviews, meaning you don’t have to.

During client engagements, our in-house team will guide your development and ensure you get the most out of the experience, and whilst between client engagements, you’ll be part of a structured bench program that’s designed to enhance your skills and ensure you keep developing.

You’ll be supported throughout by our team, helping you overcome any barriers and guide to you to success.

Professional development

Throughout the 2.5-years, you’ll be empowered to seek out and make use of opportunities that will build your skills and understanding, and help you realize your potential.

You’ll have access to technical accreditations through our wide range of tech partners which are paid-for by us, helping you stand out in the market and take your career to the next level.

Personal Development

In addition to the support you'll receive from our in-house teams during training and throughout client projects, we also have a variety of internal Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and networks that consultants can join to enhance their experience at Kubrick.

To learn more about our ERGs, click here.

Build your next-gen tech career with us

Through hands-on projects and mentorship from our in-house team of professionals, you'll progress into one of our below specialisms after the first 7-8 weeks of training, developing a deeper understanding of today’s most sought-after methodologies and gaining proficiency in using cutting-edge tools and tech.

Data Product & Advanced Analytics

In our Data Product & Advanced Analytics practice, you will be critical in our clients’ digital data transformation, helping businesses deliver analytical data products using modern machine learning and knowledge graph approaches. As an integral part of the data team, your responsibilities would include:

  • Working with stakeholders to understand their data requirements.
  • Empowering downstream data insights with a unique combination of technical and business acumen.
  • Enabling the data team to deliver data as a product in a managed, standardized manner, using cloud technology and analytics best practice.
  • Streamlining the utility of data and efficiency of data teams and business functions in organizations across industries.

Data Governance & Analytics Engineering

Amidst the rise of AI, there is an increasing concern for the risks and trustworthiness of the data that feeds AI solutions. In our Governance & Analytics Engineering practice, you are responsible for building quality assured data pipelines by:

  • Organizing, cleansing, aligning, and enriching clients’ raw data into usable information to lead to better business insights and faster, more accurate solutions, thus helping maximize their performance
  • Applying knowledge of logical and physical modelling techniques to design and implement modern data engineering and analytics solutions.
  • And your foundation of knowledge will include software engineering best practice using Python, data wrangling techniques using SQL and NoSQL, and key data cloud solutions.
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Our culture

When you join Kubrick, you'll be part of a thriving, inclusive community that celebrates collaboration, champions work-life balance, rewards achievements, embraces diversity, and recognizes exceptional behaviour.

No matter your role, we'll help you unlock your unique potential and become the best version of yourself in an environment where everyone truly belongs.

Accessible recruitment starts here

We know that potential applicants are sometimes put off if they don’t meet 100% of the requirements. We think individual experience, skills and passion make all the difference, so if you meet a good proportion of the criteria, we’d love to hear from you. We are committed to ensuring that all candidates have an equally positive experience, and equal chances for success regardless of any personal characteristics. Please speak to us if we can support you with any adjustments to our recruitment process

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Accelerate your career - and earnings

Our blend of high-quality training, access to exciting clients and projects, and dedicated support will set you on a rapid trajectory of career development and earning potential.

After completing training, you can look forward to salary increases every 6 months as you become more proficient in your capabilities. The below table outlines the typical salary beginning with the training period, throughout project work, and beyond.

Timeline Salary
Training Salary$44,000 - $50,000*
Bench (post-training, prior to first client engagement)$44,000 - $50,000*
0-6 months$55,000 - $66,000*
6-12 months$59,000 - $73,000*
12-18 months$66,000 - $77,000*
18-24 months$70,000 - $82,000*
Experienced (24 months+)$85,000 - $95,000*
Senior Consultant (based on internal promotion)$93,000 - $108,000+*

*Salary dependent on region in the U.S.

These increases provide you with the opportunity to drive your professional and personal development as you gain experience: if accepting full-time roles with our leading client organizations (after the 2 years of project work), consultants typically earn $110,000+, or continue progressing internally at Kubrick in a senior role.


Beyond Kubrick, the possibilities are endless

After the 2.5-year development program, you will be presented with a variety of career pathways to further accelerate your career.


Join your client permanently

For the majority of our consultants, this is the most natural route, having spent two years with their client. During this time consultants have developed key relationships and gained valuable in-house knowledge, resulting in a smooth transition to becoming a permanent employee. This route is for consultants who feel like their client is the right cultural fit and a place where they are thriving from a developmental perspective.


Stay with us as a consultant

This is a great option for individuals that want to continue working as a consultant and delivering a wide range of technical solutions, but don't wish to join their current client permanently.

Consultants that stay with us into year three and beyond can progress into Senior Consultant roles and more.


Join our global Kubrick Advanced team

This is an ideal pathway for those wanting to develop their leadership and people management skills. Our Kubrick Advanced consultants are responsible for managing small teams – ‘squads’ - of Kubrick consultants, leading the direction of the squad and being responsible for its success in delivering to the client.

A Kubrick Advanced consultant would work on a range of shorter-term engagements, averaging 6-9 months, delivering specified projects to their client.


Become an Associate Principal

Interested in becoming a subject matter expert in your field? As an Associate Principal, you'll develop a deeper understanding in a specific area of data, AI, or cloud and will be responsible for designing and deliver future training materials to consultants, plus thought leadership papers and more.

This role requires flexibility and adaptability, as well as a strong willingness to collaborate with others.


Join our HQ team

By joining our HQ team after the 2.5-year program, you will be in a unique position to support all areas of the business as you will have garnered valuable skills and insights from your client placements.

A number of Kubrick consultants have chosen to return, focusing on areas such as analytics and strategy, and we're always on the lookout for people to join our team.

Acceleration in action:

Check out some of the roles that our alumni members have accelerated into after our 2.5-year development program:

Senior Director of Data Insights and Analytics | Data Science Team Lead | VP Data Science Manager | Head of Data Science | AVP Data Governance | Investment Data Analyst | Business Intelligence Analyst | Head of Product Delivery | Data Science Analytics Leader | Technical Delivery Lead | Commercial Analytics Manager | Delivery Partner | ...and more.

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Our clients

We're trusted by over 100 leading companies, helping them to unlock their potential and realize value through tech.

Our tech partners

We're recommended by leading technology companies, whom we partner with to drive next-gen tech adoption across a range of industries.

Our training agreement

As we make a substantial upfront investment in accelerating your career, we have an agreement in place that you spend 2 years after your training program working with us and our clients, where you will gain exposure to a range of exciting projects whilst continuing to develop your technical and professional skills.

Click the below link to find out more about our training agreement.

Application process



Application Process



Submit your application via our online portal.



Application Process



Receive online assessments via email, which include a logic test, a metric test, and a brief video interview.


Phone interview

Application Process


Phone interview

Interview via phone with one of our recruiters.


Final interview

Application Process


Final interview

Final interview with a manager from our HQ via video call.

Still have questions?

Our most frequently asked questions about becoming a consultant, all in one place: