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A new type of consultancy for a changing technology landscape.

Realizing value from tech is hard.

Instead of delivering solutions which drive transformation, organizations are held back by legacy systems that can't keep up with the growing complexities, scale, and risks of data, AI, and cloud.

Finding diverse talent with today’s tech skills is rare.

Traditional education systems can't keep up with the pace of change. The systemic barriers to entry in the tech sector inhibit diversity.

We're creating a new generation of diverse talent, specialized in data, AI, and cloud technology to deliver your outcomes.

Today's organizations need a team who can drive lasting adoption from the inside. That’s why we integrate with your team - and empower you to convert our consultants to full-time team members, building your workforce with talent that you know and trust. The choice is yours.

How we work

Our engagement approach is simple.

Shape, Deliver, Embed.



We work closely with clients to understand their challenges, with solution design support and project scoping. We assign our consultants based on capability needs, ensuring excellent client-consultant fit.



We deploy individual consultants, who clients manage, or a Kubrick managed squad – to integrate with their team and deliver their workstreams - delivering Proof-of-Concepts, implementing platforms and projects, building products, or fast-tracking business-as-usual tasks.



We don’t walk. We’ll assure long term adoption with robust handover. Moreover, clients can offer consultants permanent roles to retain know-how and promote adoption from the inside. We simply ask our consultants to complete a 2-year consulting term with us, after which clients are free to make them full-time offers.

Our Next-Gen Tech Practices

We provide the skills and capabilities to tackle challenges across the data, AI, and cloud tech ecosystems. Explore our practices:

Data Product Management

Leverage the power of end-to-end Agile product development, delivery, and management.

We specialize in crafting data-driven solutions and products tailored to your business needs, ensuring flexibility, rapid iterations, and collaborative development for enhanced decision-making and innovation.

Solutions include:

  • Business Analysis & Business Process Mining
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Agile Product Management
  • Change & Risk Management
  • Data Product Testing & Validation
  • Data Product Launch & Deployment
  • Data Product Lifecycle Management

Data Engineering

Elevate your data infrastructure to meet the demands of the modern data-driven era.

Our specialists combine cutting-edge data engineering, modern data architecture, and DataOps practices to ensure scalability, security, and efficiency, empowering your organization with a future-ready data ecosystem.

Solutions include:

  • Modern Data Architecture & Data Modelling​
  • Data Connectivity and Integration
  • Cloud Data Warehouse and Lake Development
  • DataOps
  • Data Orchestration
  • Data Streaming​
  • Scalability & Performance Optimization
  • Database Design & Development​

Data & AI Governance

Create trust in your data and AI solutions that empowers business-wide data transformation.

We develop robust data management frameworks, ensuring quality, compliance, and ethical standards, allowing you to effectively govern your data assets. We enable these frameworks through the adoption and use of market -leading tooling.

Solutions include:

  • Data Governance Frameworks & Policy
  • Policy-as-Code
  • Master Data & Reference Data Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Cataloging & Lineage
  • Data Privacy & Compliance
  • Data Domain Modelling

Advanced Analytics

Solve complex business challenges with deeper insights to empower your decision-making and strategic planning.

We blend capability in data science, analytics, and visualization to drive value from data, building actionable insights and enabling data story-telling which influences business users.

Solutions include:

  • Data Analysis & Insights​
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Decision Intelligence​
  • Knowledge Graph Development​
  • Digital Twins​
  • Data Storytelling​
  • Self-service Enablement

GenAI & MLOps

Unlock the potential of AI technologies to drive new efficiencies and insights.

We help design, deploy, and optimize AI solutions, including cutting-edge LLM-driven applications, empowering your organization with advanced technologies that drive innovation.

Solutions include:

  • Feature Engineering​
  • Model Development​
  • ML Engineering ​
  • LLMOps​
  • LLM Integration & Fine Tuning​
  • Prompt Engineering​
  • AI Ethics & Compliance


Optimize, scale, and thrive in the cloud to maximize your operational capability.

Empower your organization with seamless cloud design, deployment, and operations utilizing modern DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps best practice. Achieve operational excellence and financial efficiency your capability while streamlining operational processes.

Solutions include:

  • Cloud Design & Deployment​
  • Cloud Migration​
  • Cloud Infra Optimization​
  • CI/CD​
  • FinOps & Sustainability​
  • Cloud Security & Compliance​
  • SRE

See how we're helping world-leading organizations embrace next-gen tech.

See how we're helping world-leading organizations to embrace next-gen tech.

Case study

Schroders partnered with Kubrick to drive enterprise-wide transformation with longevity


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Case study

Building an elite Data Analytics team requires finding the best people. Kubrick have been the perfect fit.

Richard Bovey InDigital Director, Jaguar Land Rover

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Case study

J.P. Morgan utilized Kubrick to gain access to a large volume of data engineering skill – and the innovative thinking of today’s smartest minds. In a 2-week sprint, our consultants delivered solutions to revolutionize diversity and inclusion in their hiring process.

J.P. Morgan

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