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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to transform the world around us, changing the way industries operate and interact with their customers. But what impact will AI have on the data teams and functions that power AI capability?

In Self-Fulfilling Innovation: The Impact of AI on Data Functions, Kubrick consultants explore the automations, efficiencies, and improvements that AI will create for data and technology professionals to revolutionise their work, from meeting the demands of modern data governance to anticipating risk with chaos engineering.

The paper identifies the key areas of data and technology that AI is augmenting to create data functions which not only drive compliant data management and governance but drive tangible business value, improving aspects including lineage, data quality, and data observability, all of which can cost businesses millions per year. Moreover, as AI technology develops, so does the risk of utilizing AI. Yet, with chaos engineering, businesses can test the robustness of their data products to minimize the risk of costly outages and failures.

To learn how AI is impacting data functions, access the full paper here.

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Paper authors: Alex Fleetwood, Anya Dard, Balydan Clish, Charlotte Harriman, Daniel Martin, Sam Thomson

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