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In this 4-part series, Kubrick Associate Principal Molly Slann explores the challenges that are emerging at the intersection of data governance and the rapid rise of AI technology.

To kick off the series, Molly welcomes Simon Duncan, Head of Data Management, to introduce the current state of data and AI governance. He reflects on how his experience supporting largescale Financial Services organisations to handle GDPR has shaped his design of Kubrick’s Data Management practice, and how we can take learnings from past regulatory upheaval to enable safe, fair, and transparent AI implementation.

They discuss the objective and subjective aspects of defining governance, such as what it means to be ‘human-centric’ and ‘trustworthy’- two key words from the upcoming EU AI Act, which is set to influence governance in the UK and the US. Molly and Simon also consider the power of technology to improve governance itself, such as Governance-as-Code, which is included in the training of Kubrick’s first cohort of Analytics and Governance Engineering consultants (based in their US office). While AI technology can self-learn to implement data management requirements like Data Quality dimensions, the need for human intervention and validation is critical. Moreover, the need for domain expertise in governance to influence technology decision makers will be greater than ever.

You can learn more about the EU AI Act in a brand new report from Simon Duncan - read the full paper here.

Listen to the full episode of Inside The Training Lab on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Join us next time, where Molly and Simon will pick up the conversation to discuss ‘Unpeopled Governance’ and delve into the technology and – ethics - of AI-powered governance.

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