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Kubrick introduce Snowflake’s revolutionary platform into their training syllabus.

The first two cohorts of Kubrick consultants have undertaken training in Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform. Snowflake, a member of Kubrick’s roster of Technology Partners, is utilized by organizations around the world to manage their data workloads with unrivalled speed and reliability within the Snowflake cloud environment. Recognizing and anticipating an increasing demand for Snowflake’s tools and solutions, Kubrick have begun delivering a bespoke training course within its 15-week Data Engineering program to embed Snowflake’s capabilities at the core of our consultants’ technical understanding, sitting at the intersection of data and cloud technology.

The training was designed and taught by Kubrick Associate Principal Elmira Ahmedova, who first trained and worked on client site as a Data Engineer before joining Kubrick’s Training and Development team in 2021. Utilizing her own experience of learning in the Kubrick Training Lab, Elmira was thrilled to help the newest consultants-in-training engage with one of today’s most sought-after technologies.

“Snowflake, being the true cloud Software as a Service platform, is modular, elastic, and extremely smooth to start using”, Elmira said. “Given the foundation of technical skills our consultants already train in, it is the perfect platform to introduce into our unique training syllabus - it compliments their existing skills, which they can quickly learn to apply and start building capability in the cloud. After learning to utilize Snowflake’s tools, our consultants understand the principles of and are equipped to help our clients build the cloud data platforms of tomorrow.”

Constantly evolving their training programs to match the pace of advancement, Kubrick understand that the future of Data Engineer is in the cloud; including Snowflake in their training, beginning with their Data Engineering practice, is a critical step forward to ensuring their training remains at the cutting-edge. The positive feedback of the consultants who underwent the training and the large appetite to continue learning and applying their skills will see further development of the training delivered. In addition core technical skills, the course included understanding the business scenarios dictating the use of various Snowflake editions and the principals of cost management around the subscription-based model.

The implementation of a Snowflake-centric training module coincides with the recent announcement of Snowflake Venture’s investment with Kubrick’s mutual partner Collibra[1]. The collaboration between Snowflake’s platform and the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud already enables organizations to embed data governance and build trust with enterprise-wide data access[2], and the partnership is set to drive forward in their joint mission to create a harmonized approach to data intelligence.

Jay Lockwood
, Global Head of Channel Alliance, summarised the importance of our Snowflake in our Technology Partner network:

“We are proud to be a Solutions Partner of Snowflake and begin our journey into delivering flexible and highly business-oriented training within their platform. Organizations across all industries are rapidly adopting the Snowflake Data Cloud, including many of our clients, so we are excited to see what innovative solutions our consultants can facilitate to help these organizations transform.

“But the true power of our Technology Partner network is the opportunity to join forces to forge better solutions. We all understand the frustrations of working in siloes – especially in the world of data. It is critical that we work together to break down the barriers to unlocking value from our data, combining tools and technologies to increase access to better, smarter data for transforming into critical insight, which is exactly what we see both our partners Snowflake and Collibra doing.”

To learn more about Kubrick’s partnerships with leading technology providers, such as Snowflake, or how we can help your organization to embrace next-generation technology, please get in touch:


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