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Elmira joined Kubrick to train as a Data Engineer after graduating with a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Dundee. Having cultivated her skills in the Kubrick training lab and onsite with a major financial institution, she entered the Training and Development team in order further develop her expertise and conduct research to stay on the cutting-edge of advancement.

Elmira’s passion for data stems from her research work at university. She is particularly inspired by the emergence of predictive algorithms capable of helping us to understand everything from consumer behaviour to malignancy of tumours. She is aware of the mounting challenges of the data industry as it expands, with a keen interest in research on ethical AI policy development and the reduction of energy consumption by data centres.

Elmira is proud of the growing emphasis on celebrating diversity and inclusivity in technology as she believes an openness for new ideas makes data-centric organisations exciting and attractive for the young professionals like herself. She is proud to be helping our consultants to unravel the power of data and is a champion for the Kubrick values and mission, which align closely with her own views.

It is amazing to be working in a company that grows and develops together with me. Every day is different and always filled with insights and opportunities to interact with the greatest minds across the industry – our training team.Elmira Ahmedova, Associate Principal