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Kubrick adds graph database innovator Neo4J to their Technology Partner roster to unlock new capabilities in analytics, visualization, and AI.

LONDON/NEW YORK, July 2023 - Kubrick has partnered with Neo4j, the industry-leader in graph databases. Keeping ahead of evolving market demand, Kubrick has already begun implementing Neo4j’s unrivalled graph technology into their training and upskilling programs for their consultancy workforce[1], spanning their data and AI ecosystems.

Kubrick’s Head of Next-Generation Technology Lawrence Freeman explores the changing technology agenda and the importance of the partnership for Kubrick’s capabilities:

“At Kubrick, we have always worked closely with a coveted selection of technology partners to innovate and collaborate on solving our clients’ business problems using next-generation technology. Many of those problems are solved by our highly trained workforce of consultants through understanding requirements and leveraging their core programming and analytics skills such as statistical narrative, Python, or good old SQL. However, the modern environment has changed so dramatically over the last few years that the problems faced by industry typically have greater complexity, urgency, and associated risk than ever before.

“Programs of work are being reprioritized to be more defensive against today’s challenges, and thus we find that they often revolve around optimization and automation. We believe that the niche carved out by Neo4j in the space of Knowledge Graphs presents a shift in the way we can analyze data. Specifically, by putting a greater emphasis on the importance of data context, where data lineage, influence, and patterns are key, we can gain greater value and unlock hidden insights from our connected data points. Neo4j’s technology absolutely resonates with the need to solve bigger, more complex issues, from highly volatile supply chains to uncovering financial crime and fraud detection.”

By embarking in the partnership, Neo4j is entering a network of Technology Partners who are growing and strengthening their impact across industries. "Kubrick has a proven track record of delivering high-value, innovative software solutions to many of world's largest organizations", said Morten Schlosser EMEA Head of Indirect Revenue of Neo4j. “Together, we are poised to deliver innovative graph-based solutions that drive digital transformation for organizations. Combining Neo4j's industry-leading graph database technology with Kubrick's expertise in flexible services, from exploratory accelerator sprints and solution-delivery through to talent augmentation for digital transformation, we will empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their data. This collaboration represents a powerful alliance that will revolutionize how organizations harness the power of graphs to gain transformative insights and achieve their strategic goals.”

Evolving beyond databases and analytics, Kubrick are working with their clients to understand and implement AI capability with Neo4j, with a strong focus on realizing the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs). “There is an interesting irony in that Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models such as ChatGPT have their roots in knowledge graph dating back to the 90’s[2]”, Freeman further explained. “Now with the hype and global accessibility to LLMs, it should be knowledge graphs again, led by Neo4j, that bring a much-needed level of domain intelligence to generic chatbot responses. This offers an all-important reduction in hallucinations and can add greater accuracy and integrity to the phenomena of OpenAI, which is an area of innovation that we are especially excited about[3]. All in all, we are looking forward to deepening our work with Neo4j and nurturing a workforce equipped to tackle problems with this impactful technology.”

At Kubrick, we help businesses to evolve and embrace data, AI, and cloud solutions from today’s leading technology providers, including Microsoft, Google, Databricks, Snowflake, Neo4j, and more. You can read more about Kubrick’s next-generation technology consultancy services with Technology Partners on our website:

To learn more about how Kubrick can support your business to unlock value and accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technology, get in touch:

[2] First Order Logic in Knowledge Graphs by P. James. 1994

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