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Kubrick launches its new agile training methodology to build a workforce with the flexibility to unlock value across the data & AI ecosystem, from implementing AI with governance to driving advanced analytics and modernizing with cloud-based tools.

NEW YORK, JUNE 20th 2023 – Kubrick has begun training its first cohort of consultants in a new agile training methodology from their US office, enabling a faster response to demand for emerging skills. As the market leader in creating a new workforce of technology professionals, the program is designed to increase the flexibility of their training syllabus to align with client requirements by blending capabilities. After completing a foundation course, Data Ecosystem, during the first half of their training, consultants will progress to undertake one of two specialized practices pathways: Analytics Engineering & Governance or Data Product & Advanced Analytics.

The training program incorporates elements from Kubrick’s Data Product, Data Management, and Business Insights & Analytics Engineering practices, with added machine learning and AI capabilities alongside deeper understanding of Knowledge Graphs, as well as a sharp focus on governance and product delivery skills. While encompassing on a breadth of capabilities, the program is based on the core principle of delivering tangible value through technology solutions. Embedded within training is an immersive approach to business analysis and product delivery in order to ensure consultants are able to support their clients to successfully implement modern data, AI, and cloud tooling as translators between the business and technology teams in order to drive effective adoption.

Data Ecosystem Blended Capability
An agile approach to training: Kubrick’s next US cohort will cover a foundation in the Data Ecosystem before specializing to align with market need.

Kubrick Director of Next-Generation Technology Lawrence Freeman reflected on Kubrick’s position within the next-generation technology landscape and the importance of this new training methodology in the wake of recent advances. “Next-generation technology is all about the tools, software, and approaches which are ready for businesses implementation, but their rapid development has created a lag in the readiness of talent to harness them”, he said. “It is these technologies that set businesses apart from their competition, especially if they can access the hard-to-find skills required to utilize them. This training cohort represents the intersection of many of today’s most critical next-generation technologies – and represents Kubrick’s commitment to keeping ahead of the pace of change for our clients without a blueprint to follow. Only 25% of our original Data Engineering syllabus from 2017 exists in Kubrick’s training today, and this is the next big leap forwards.”

The combination of technical and business skills required from this practice has attracted consultants from all backgrounds to join Kubrick. This first cohort has an even representation of graduates from Arts, Business, and STEM degrees, bringing critical diversity thought to approach data and AI capability. Like all of Kubrick’s practices, the Data Ecosystem foundation is designed enable graduates and professionals from both technical and non-technical disciplines to learn the fundamentals of data and technology, acting as springboard to specialize in either pathway and continue their accelerated learning while on client projects.

The flexibility of the specialism pathways is designed to better align with the needs of Kubrick’s clients as a strategic partner for unlocking value from innovation. “This training program has been carefully curated to balance the wide range of skills our clients require while maintaining a sharp focus on the solutions they create”, said Jay Lockwood, Senior Vice President for Kubrick North America. “We want to help our clients experiment and innovate with cutting-edge tech, but also demonstrate clear return on investment to the wider business; the efficiencies, scale, and insights generated by these technologies will be critical for navigating current and ongoing economic challenges, but data and technology leaders have to first prove their worth."

“We will be working closely with our strategic Technology Partners and clients to align these specialisms with their project requirements and long-term goals", Jay continued. "At the same time, we’re excited to be giving our consultants the opportunity to kickstart their career with the most sought-after technology skills, while giving them access to a wide array of roles and development pathways to support their future career prospects. The mutual success of our clients and our consultants is how we drive true digital transformation.”

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