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This time on Inside Training Lab: Data Governance + AI, Molly and Simon explore the changing governance landscape to ask: ‘Can we ever have ‘Unpeopled Governance’?’

Associate Principal Molly Slann is joined again by Kubrick’s Head of Data Management Simon Duncan to examine how data governance is evolving to drive value beyond compliance with regulation.

They discuss modern innovations in governance, such as Governance-As-Code, not only create new value for businesses, but ultimately can help break the delineation between data governance and corporate governance and all businesses become increasingly data-driven organizations. They examine how augmented data governance will not replace human interference or approvals but unlock new capabilities and empower data governance professionals to increase their reach and influence with stakeholders across organizations.

You can watch the full episode on Youtube:

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Join us next time on Inside the Training Lab: Data Governance + AI, where Molly is joined by fellow Associate Principal Holly Smith to continue the discussion on the future of governance and AI.

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