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Jaguar Land Rover harnessed the full flexibility and breadth of Kubrick’s capabilities to accelerate their digital transformation to stay relevant, compete, and win.

How we delivered unique solutions to enhance technological capability as well as futureproof Jaguar Land Rover’s talent pipeline.

We engaged consultants from across our practices, as well as curated squads of onsite consultants led by our inhouse project team to drive innovation and reduce managerial bandwidth.

Consultants engaged


Blended squads deployed


Training Lab consultants utilised for POC


KubrickJaguar Land Rover

The challenge

Operating in the highly competitive industry of luxury vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover needed to build a data and technology function capable of delivering business-critical insight to stay ahead of the curve. In the age of accelerated digital transformation, they required a rapid, cost-effective, and low-risk solution to quickly inject skills into their growing teams while ensuring their long-term talent strategy was futureproof.


The solution

Jaguar Land Rover engaged with Kubrick’s first ever cohort of Data Engineers and have continued to use Kubrick to revolutionize their digital and analytics capabilities, creating optimized processes and unlocking cutting-edge insight to outstrip the competition. As they increased investment, Kubrick were able to match the scaling of resources, utilising consultants from across data, AI, and cloud technology practices to handle all aspects of their transformation, including curating blended squads of junior and senior consultants for cost-effective project delivery which maintains the option of long-term talent retention.


The results

Kubrick’s onsite consultants have delivered data and AI solutions which protect and advance Jaguar Land Rover’s business-critical functions, including human resources, finance, and their revolutionary InDigital project team. They have utilized Kubrick’s unique blended squads of onsite consultants led by our inexperienced inhouse project team to overcome managerial bandwidth restraints and gain access to technical expertise and leadership while rapidly onboarding resource to augment their teams with longevity. Jaguar Land Rover also harnessed the power of Kubrick’s Training Lab and Gold Partnership with Microsoft, gaining access to a cohort of 25 Data Engineers who created an all-in-one pipeline and visualization solution for competitor analysis via Microsoft Azure and PowerBI in a rapid 2-week sprint.

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