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Transforming enterprise data management, access, and intelligence in partnership with Collibra.

Transforming enterprise data management, access, and intelligence in partnership with Collibra

As one of just 10 Silver Partners in the 2021 Partner Program of leading data intelligence provider Collibra, we train our consultants in the tools and techniques our clients need to ensure their data is trustworthy and readily available to gain business-critical insight.

Data Management consultants trained in Collibra


Consultants certified as Solution Architects


Access to further certification opportunities when onsite from

8 Months


The challenge

In the age of digital transformation, organizations across sectors must find ways to innovate quicker, provide unparalleled service, and enhance operational efficiencies. At the centre of their transformations are data and cloud technologies. In order to stay relevant, compete, and win, businesses are challenged to complete full-scale cloud migrations and the associated integrations with other cloud technologies and applications in accelerated timelines. However, they also require a workforce equipped with the right skills to implement and harness these technologies in order to unlock their true value.

Collibra’s cloud-based platform and solutions are highly used to support migration to the cloud and drive adoption of cloud data platforms to govern and collaborate on their data, but organizations are realising there is a gap in technical skills required to complete the migration and scale adoption. Amidst a growing digital skills crisis in today’s workforce, organizations are seeking and competing for the talent to implement, train, and drive adoption of cloud technology including the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.


The solution

Kubrick has identified the chasm that organisations face between their data and cloud technology requirements and the skills required to execute them. As a Silver Partner of Collibra, we have curated a training and upskilling program to build a workforce capable of facilitating immense transformation goals. Our Data Management consultants are expertly trained by our team of industry leaders to understand, implement, and drive the adoption of Collibra’s technology solutions as part of a wide variety of data and cloud technology skills, with a sharp focus on delivering business value in the agile environment. Our consultants can stay with our clients on long-term engagements for up to and beyond 2 years to undertake large-scale implementation and clients can offer permanent roles to consultants after 2 years onsite for the ultimate longevity of their systems.


The results

To date, Kubrick has trained and placed over 300 Data Management consultants with clients requiring both the tools to handle their data management challenges as well as the talent to deliver tangible ROI. Kubrick consultants have supported the adoption and advancement of Collibra’s capabilities in world-leading organizations across banking and financial services, media and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and energy, revolutionising their enterprise-wide data use in cataloguing, quality, lineage, and governance. Our Data Management consultants have delivered value in all stages of the technology lifecycle, from implementation to becoming Collibra SMEs at their client, including training other users of all levels and skill.

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