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In the decade since the Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist ‘the sexiest job of the 21st Century’, data and AI functions have changed dramatically. As teams mature, what should tech leaders expect of their data scientists - and what’s fallen out of scope?

Hear from Kubrick’s Director of Next-Generation Technology Lawrence Freeman as he examines how data science capability is more relevant than ever for businesses embracing AI. He shares insights from inside Kubrick’s portfolio of 100+ global businesses and cross-industry research to discuss:

  • Where does the Data Scientist belong in the Machine Learning Lifecycle?: Structuring AI teams for efficiency and innovation
  • The Art of Data Science: The new importance of influence and communication
  • Who is the Modern Data Scientist?: The state of the talent and skills market

You’ll also learn how Kubrick is helping organizations to embed modern data science capability into their teams with longevity – and without the cost and risk of either FTE hires or reliance on typical consultancies.

Watch the full webinar:

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