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Kubrick consultants examine the latest trends in AI, explore their impact on talent management, and delve into its current and future use in the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI's) influence is prevalent in our lives, from recommending music and delivering targeted advertisements, to driving our cars and aiding drug development. There has been a significant shift in how AI is perceived in both popular culture and among technical experts. Terms like ‘ChatGPT’ and ‘Deep Learning’ have been met with a mixture of confusion and enthusiasm, sparking conversations in boardrooms, coffee shops, and around dining tables worldwide. But what does this mean for our workplaces, businesses, and job prospects?

In The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Talent Agenda, Kubrick consultants shed light on what the future employment landscape might look like and how we can responsibly embrace new AI technologies to generate value and improve job satisfaction.

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Paper authors
: Ria Badiani, Semira Demaili, Arthur Farr, Tommy McDonagh, Francesca Middleton, Nathan Roberts

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