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Kubrick announce the first members of their new Diversity Champions working group.

Kubrick’s first Diversity Champions, a working group dedicated to improving DEI in Kubrick, are ready to take action. The group, which blends members of the HQ team and consultants, is designed to centralize support for the entire business as a first port of call for both one-to-one, confidential advice and curating policy and thought leadership on all matters of diversity and inclusion. The Champions have put themselves forward and will hold their positions for a year, working with Kubrick’s HR team as well as leaders across the organization to align with Kubrick’s commitment to improving DEI in 2022 and beyond.

The Diversity Champions are designated figures in the Kubrick community with whom to engage in conversation and share experiences. Each Champion’s profile on Kubrick’s internal platforms includes their preferred name, pronouns, and the areas of DEI which they feel comfortable to discuss. Taking their first steps as a fully fledged Diversity Champion, group founder Charlotte Clark has already hosted a companywide webinar on allyship in the workplace to demystify terminology and concepts and give practical advice on becoming an active ally for all minority groups.

In celebration of the group’s launch and to introduce some of the incredible Kubrick colleagues who are dedicating their time to driving critical change, we caught up with some of the Diversity Champions to learn more about their experience, passions, and hopes for the role.

Jem Gates, Data Engineer (They/Them/Any):

“I wanted to bring my experience as a university LGBTQ+ Officer to the workplace, a role which made me a figure in my community to turn to for advice and conversation about diversity and inclusion. I had personally felt the benefits of having this kind of open acceptance and visibility, having felt empowered to be more open about being a member of the LGBTQ+ community at university because of it. It was incredibly rewarding to help my peers engage in important discussions, even when challenging.

"To say I’m a role model feels exaggerated, but I think for our Diversity Champions it is true. It is all about having an anchor in the community, who is both easy to talk to because they are a peer, but equally able to raise voices and bring issues right to the top of the organization. It is not about ‘diversity washing’ our channels to seem inclusive, but truly enacting change.”

Andrea Carroll, Machine Learning Engineer (He/Him):

“I applied to become a Diversity Champion to highlight issues surrounding neurodiversity, mental health, and the LGBTQ+ community, but also to give back to Kubrick. During my 15-week training period, I went through a challenging time with my mental health, but I felt very supported by the people and resources here. Kubrick is a remarkably supportive and inclusive employer and I wanted to be part of it. As a Diversity Champion, I will bring my experiences to the table with openness and pride; everyone has a unique story to tell, and I want to demonstrate to empower others to share their own and accept others.”

Han Booth, Data Engineer (They/Them/Theirs):

“When I joined Kubrick, I wanted to feel more connected at work and build a network of like-minded people. I soon realized I could help with Kubrick's commitment to improving D&I after reading some of their insights about being LGBTQ+ in the workplace and the importance of allyship. As a Diversity Champion, I would like to open myself up to a wider range of opinions and ideas and be encouraged to share my own. My aim is to ensure that we feel free to be ourselves at the workplace and have a sense of belonging without having to fit in or conform. I'm comfortable with having conversations and listening to ideas and questions related to D&I after working as a welfare officer at university, so I’m thrilled to bring this experience and passion about providing a safe space and a platform for those who want to share to this role.”

Antoinette Clare, Data Engineer (She/Her/They/Them):

“Being a woman in a male-dominated field, LGBTQ+ and autistic myself, I know how important it is to feel represented and heard by the organisation we work for. I’m excited to help my colleagues directly with advice and information about inclusion initiatives, as well as advise managers and senior members of Kubrick on policies by giving clarity on various issues faced by different groups of people. Kubrick is a champion of gender balance, but there is always more to do. Being a Diversity Champion is not just about supporting the members of the Kubrick community as it stands, but also representing diversity to potential applicants so they feel encouraged to join us as we build an inclusive environment. I’m looking forward to getting to work with my fellow Champions!”

Diversity Champions
Four of our nine Diversity Champions meet. Pictured (left to right): Andrea Carroll, Jem Gates, Han Booth, Antoinette Clare. Not pictured: Abdus Khan, Shreya Adhikari, Jay Popkin, Joe Orris, Charlotte Clark

To learn more about the Diversity Champions working group, or Kubrick’s wider commitment to including DEI at the heart of its mission to overcome the digital skills emergency, please get in touch:

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