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Kubrick launches its new Mental Wellbeing Initiative in tandem with World Mental Health Day.

October 11th: Kubrick staff from across HQ and our consultants were invited to share in the launch of Kubrick’s Mental Wellbeing Initiative, a new program of support being tied into Kubrick’s 15-week consultant training program and ongoing personal development, as well as the managerial responsibilities for inhouse teams. The launch coincides with World Mental Health Day (October 10th), the annual campaign from the World Health Organization to draw global awareness to the importance of addressing mental health issues. This year’s theme, ‘Mental health care for all’, was selected to recognize the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health for all social groups, and particularly frontline workers, those living alone, and people with pre-existing conditions, but also showcase the strides being made around the world to embrace mental health awareness.

Kubrick’s Mental Wellbeing Initiative is organised and delivered by Kubrick’s very own mental health first aiders Victoria Baark (Consultant Relationship Manager) and Tony Lotta (Head of Technology – IT). The pair hosted a live webinar to give both an overview of the program and what our staff can expect, but also highlight the wider significance of recognizing mental wellbeing in the workplace. Their initiative will facilitate training for all consultants in the Kubrick Training Labs to gain the tools to talk openly about and manage their mental wellbeing, as well the behaviours we can adopt to prioritise mental health inside and outside the workplace. They have also created a program for Kubrick HQ managers to be able to identify key triggers for individuals and help create avenues of support for their team members.

Victoria Baark began designing the program after completing her certification as a mental health first aider. She was determined to create a system which was cohesive across the entirety of the organisation and is continually reviewed, updated, and improved to meet everyone’s personal needs, including building a larger mental health team by certifying more employees to join her as mental health first aiders. She spoke about her personal motivations to drive the initiative for her fellow employees:

“Mental health is something that should not only be prioritized but celebrated. Whenever conversations are introduced to discuss mental health, there are often negative connotations around it. Breaking down the stigma of talking about mental health struggles and triumphs is something we all need to strive to do, and we should encourage and empower each other to do as well. Reach out, listen, and champion one another!”

The Mental Wellbeing Initiative is an exciting addition to the other resources which Kubrick staff are encouraged to utilise to support their mental wellbeing whenever it might be necessary or appropriate to do so. All of our Consultant Relationship Managers have completed mental health awareness training to be able to conduct relevant and beneficial conversations with our consultants or assist in seeking external advice. Should any Kubrick employee wish to speak with professionals outside of Kubrick, they have access to a 24/7 confidential helpline, as well as the ability to organize structured sessions with a qualified counsellor. Our mental health first aiders used the webinar platform to remind of the benefits of physical activity and mindfulness to support mental wellbeing, directing staff towards our online Wellness Hub of content, from meditation and guided talking therapies to HIIT workouts and yoga classes.

For Tony Lotta, the webinar was also a platform to encourage all members of Kubrick to reach out to him, Victoria, or any qualified mental health first aiders for support whenever needed – whether the matter is professional or personal. He summarised the key takeaways behind the initiative which he hopes all members of today’s workforce and wider society can enact:

“The social stigma around mental health makes it feel like a taboo subject to talk about. However, looking after your mental health is no different than looking after your physical body. We need to break this stigma and look at mental health and wellbeing as a positive nourishment to living a balanced life. Talk to someone, seek help if necessary; you are never alone.”

For more information on mental health awareness and action, as well as useful resources, visit the World Health Organization’s Global Mental Health Awareness Day pages on their website: