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I joined Kubrick straight out of university after completing a degree in Psychology. As such, I had no prior experience in data management or coding but, with the support of Kubrick’s engaging trainers, I quickly started building my skill-set from scratch and enjoyed doing so.

My passion for a career in data began when completing my university degree. During my degree, I learned how to tell a story through data, and how it is crucial to ask the right questions and challenge data to understand and utilize it effectively. I expanded my knowledge by researching how businesses are embracing and employing their data to stay relevant and ahead, and how next-generation technology is shaping our world.

Growing up, a career in data and technology was not on my radar but I am extremely fortunate to find myself pursuing one. Due to the economic and social opportunities data offers, this career is an exciting, rewarding and versatile one. Therefore, I can only see myself continuing on this journey.

The reason I decided to join Kubrick in particular was its values. Each one is reflective of my own personality, and they inspire my work every day. Kubrick is an adaptive, forward-thinking company, which encourages creativity, challenges the status quo, and places huge value on people. It is also exciting to be part of a company that is making a difference in solving the technology skills gap and embracing diversity to do so.

I was also drawn to Kubrick’s paid training. Not only are you given the chance to upskill across a range of professional and technical skills, but you are also paid a monthly salary to do so. It’s highly unusual for an organization to give free training, let alone pay you throughout, and this demonstrates Kubrick’s genuine commitment to overcoming the digital skills crisis and helping people such as myself enter the world of data and technology.

Before joining Kubrick, I had good communication skills and I showed strong emotional intelligence, both of which I developed during the training. We were expected to engage with different peers across a range of projects, and this continued on site where I had to communicate effectively with stakeholders in a professional manner. I am also someone who thinks outside the box which is another skill that was enhanced through the Kubrick training, due to the trainers encouraging me to tackle problems from a creative angle and from different perspectives.

In the final two weeks of my training, a sub-group of my cohort carried out a project for a leading automobile client. This was the first work I completed for a client and a great stepping-stone before entering client site. On this project, I was responsible for heading up a visualization team where I had to become adept at using a high level of Tableau, as well as managing my own team and learning how to communicate and work effectively with a parallel team. I enjoyed the project immensely and am proud of what we produced. I took a lot from this project, such as working under pressure, team management and time management.

As well as building my technical and professional skills, Kubrick introduced me to an accessible network of consultants who I know I can reach out to with questions and to ask for support at any time. The training team were also extremely supportive throughout the 15 weeks and have continued to offer their support post-training. The team are genuinely invested in your individual success, and it is great to have such a strong, supportive team around you.

On client site, I have been leading a metadata cataloguing project which relies heavily on Stakeholder engagement skills, data governance skills and knowledge, and tools such as Tableau and GCP – all of which I adopted during the Kubrick training.

Looking back, I have no doubt that Kubrick has accelerated my career. The knowledge and skills obtained during the 15 weeks of training have propelled me to a level that would have taken years to develop elsewhere. Additionally, I have access to people and resources I would not have without Kubrick, which is an incredible asset and something I am genuinely grateful for. Moreover, Kubrick boosted my confidence such that I felt ready to take on my first job in data.I would certainly recommend Kubrick to others. One reason being that the training at Kubrick is invaluable for a career in data – you develop skills that are vital and sought after in the data industry. Furthermore, Kubrick is an exceptional company that you will be proud to work for - the values they hold will inspire and enhance your work and lead you to express attitudes that will be valued by others.

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