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This time on Kubrick Voices, we’re joined by our partners at Prometheus, an organization empowering data and technology professionals to help transform non-profits by scoping and delivering critical digital projects.

After partnering with Prometheus at the end of 2022, host Camilla Dickson welcomes founders Victoria Cochran and Margaret Smiley to the podcast to share their journey to creating Prometheus and the types of projects and non-for-profit organisations they support.

They are also joined by Kubrick Data Product consultant Bromley Rice, who helped deliver helped deliver one of Kubrick’s pro bono projects for Elite Meet, an organization promoting the extraordinary value and leadership experience of elite transitioning Veterans to connect them with corporate roles. They hear her experiences both developing her technical skills and growing in confidence when working with stakeholders by undertaking the project ahead of her first client placement. As a graduate of Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts with a joint B.S. Environmental Design and Sustainability, Bromley reflected on her transferable skills to designing user-friendly data solutions and the ways data and technology are driving change for non-profits and sustainability.

Together, they explore the power of creating accessible data tooling for non-for-profits to drive efficiencies, better understand their assets and results, and maximize limited resources to ultimately improve their impact. For corporate partners like Kubrick, they reflect on how businesses can improve their employee retention, satisfaction, and skill development through supporting pro bono project work.

You can learn more about Kubrick's partnership with Prometheus here, and find how to get involved on their website.

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