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DRIFT Energy have ambitious plans to harvest green hydrogen, utilizing the power of the ocean to fuel this eco revolutionary initiative, supported by Kubrick.

Using purpose-built hydrofoil sailboats DRIFT Energy have successfully generated green hydrogen, which is then transported safely to port in a world-first for mobile energy.

The sea trials of these ground-breaking energy yachts took place off the coast of Brightlingsea, Essex earlier this month and were announced a triumph.

Kubrick are proud to have played a part in getting this initiative off the ground, helping DRIFT Energy scale rapidly from concept to reality in under a year, in this landmark win.

DRIFT Energy collaborated with Kubrick to utilise 30 Data Engineers during a two-week sprint to harness our data expertise and support their cause. Our consultants used next-generation technology to identify a solution to maximize the return of their autonomous boats which convert wind energy into hydrogen fuel cells.

Our consultants utilised the power of technology to analyze wind and wave data to inform a routing algorithm. This could be used to determine the best routes for optimal weather conditions whilst ensuring the boats encounter minimal wave interference in order to limit the risk of damage to the vessel. This routing algorithm is critical to DRIFT Energy’s operations and unlocks a unique advantage over other renewable classes, by making green energy mobile.

Dan Tomlinson, Head of Kubrick Advanced said: “We are thrilled to have been involved in this initiative, utilizing our consultant’s expertise to provide real life solutions to a global issue. As technology continues to evolve it is our responsibility to use our expertise for good. DRIFT Energy is making huge strides towards a greener future and Kubrick are proud to have supported their mission.”

DRIFT Energy
DRIFT Energy at SailGP

Green hydrogen - ultimately destined for commercial use in the net zero transition - has not been produced in this way before anywhere in the world.

DRIFT Energy showcased their world-first technology at SailGP in Plymouth, Cornwall over the weekend. This year’s event will be the most sustainable on-water event ever with the largest number of electric solutions integrated across the race weekend, as part of SailGP’s target to power its entire on-water fleet by clean energy by 2025.

You can read more about DRIFT Energy and follow their journey on LinkedIn.