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Since its successful launch 18 months ago, Kubrick Advanced has grown rapidly. Our new service provides a growing number of our clients in an innovative way to engage Kubrick’s consultancy services, a development focused career pathway for our consultant community, and a new opportunity for professionals seeking to pivot their careers into data and technology.

Since its launch we have supported over 25 organizations meet their digital challenges using Kubrick Advanced’s Blended Squads. We have scaled the team, hiring dozens of new consultants, including experienced professionals looking to specialize in data and next generation technologies. Following these successes, we have exciting plans to accelerate the growth of the team, tripling its size this year alone.

Kubrick’s Blended Squads, our bespoke teams of consultants drawn from across our practices, led and managed by a Kubrick Advanced Squad Leader, have proven to be a success with both our clients and our people. Our clients have benefited from the experience of our squad leaders and the managed service delivery our squads provide. Our consultants have thrived in the structured and supported environment of our squads while Kubrick Advanced has also provided an exciting career opportunity for junior professionals looking for a new challenge, development opportunities, and leadership experience.

Head of Kubrick Advanced Dan Tomlinson commented, “I am particularly excited by the new career pathway we have created for our experienced hires as we expand Kubrick’s reach beyond the graduate pool. We wanted to find a way to unlock the potential of professionals with valuable business skills and domain knowledge who are looking to pivot their careers and accelerate in a new direction."

This new pathway into Kubrick Advanced will be key to helping Kubrick to address the ‘frozen middle’ – that part of the workforce who are at risk of being overtaken by the emergence of new digital skills in the economy. According to a recent study 11.8 million people of working age are still without the Essential Digital Skills for life and work. Furthermore, the benefits of upskilling our workforce could be huge, with a potential £3.2 billion uplift to the UK economy, proving that this is could not only transform careers, but the nation as a whole. In less than 8 years, basic digital capability is set to become the UK’s biggest skills gap according to a recent study and Kubrick is committed to continually combating this pressing issue.

At its heart, Kubrick Advanced is committed to encouraging continual development and upskilling opportunities to establish our consultants as tomorrow’s digital leaders, equipped with skills and knowledge to navigate a fast-changing industry. To achieve this Kubrick Advanced provides all consultants with at least twenty ring-fenced development days to be used for technical and professional training. This training ensures our people remain prepared for the challenges they will face and provides a framework for continuous learning and development.

One Kubrick Advanced consultant remarked: “It is a really exciting proposition to have your own days where you can dedicate your learning to whatever you want because you would not get that self-direction any in a normal consultancy. I think the Development Days add such a unique feature to Kubrick Advanced. I’ve had three clients now, and it's not something you see offered elsewhere - and especially not to go in a different direction to what you're currently working on, even if it interests me or my career progression.”

If you are interested in applying to join Kubrick Advanced, please get in touch here.

To learn more about how Kubrick Advanced Blended Squads can support your organization to evolve and embrace data and next-generation technology, contact us:

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