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Kiana Lai, Data Product Consultant at Kubrick, shares her experience graduating from Fordham University and transitioning into the data and tech industry with Kubrick.

Tell us a bit about yourself! What did you major in and what did you learn at your time at college?
I graduated from Fordham University with a BS in Biological Sciences on the pre-medical track. During my undergraduate studies, I worked as an IT consultant at Fordham’s IT Center as well as an institutional development intern at the New York Hall of Science. I was also a student attendant on Fordham EMS and a member of Fordham Flava, serving as the creative director on the executive board during my senior year.

As many pre-medical students would probably agree, my time at Fordham was challenging. I had to manage intense courses, extracurriculars, and work. However, my overall college experience was super rewarding, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Fordham provides a great number of resources for STEM students, which allowed me to explore different interests and careers paths.

How did you find Kubrick?

My senior year, I decided that I didn’t want to pursue medical school immediately following graduation. Therefore, I quickly had to decide a completely new career path. I started to gain interest in technology during my position at Fordham’s IT Center and gained interest in data during my internship with the New York Hall of Science.

I discovered Kubrick through Handshake when a recruiter reached out to me. What drew me to Kubrick was their unique paid training program. This allowed me to enter the field of technology and data with little to no experience.

How was your experience in training?

The training Kubrick provided was fast-paced and intense. However, the quality and engagement of the training was superb, which allowed me to retain a lot of information in a short period of time. The training not only helped me solidify my passion for technology and data, but also helped me discover my strong affinity for coding. I had zero coding experience prior to Kubrick, but I really took to the SQL and Python trainings. I now get to work on projects that utilize my ability to code! All the mentors are very supportive, and they clearly want you to succeed.

Kubrick provides many resources for their employees, both professionally and personally. Kubrick values strong communication and transparency. Another notable trait about Kubrick’s culture is the level working environment. Regardless of role, we all see each other as peers, creating an open and comfortable work environment. There is so much respect for one another, and everyone’s opinions and voices are heard. I’ve met some of the most amazing people and friends through Kubrick.

What most excites you about starting a career in data/technology?

Data and technology are the future. This industry is constantly expanding and getting more complex. What excites me the most about starting a career in data and technology is that I will be at the forefront of the widening skills gap resulting from the rapidly evolving industry. This is a career in which you never stop learning!

What advice would you give students looking for full-time jobs or internships? What do you think made you stand out to Kubrick?

Kubrick encourages and accepts candidates from diverse backgrounds. While computer science experience is helpful, it is not necessary. So most importantly, my advice for candidates is to know why you want to start a career in technology and data. Have a clear narrative of your growing interest or passion. Kubrick is big on your personal “data story.”

Kubrick has trained over 1,500 consultants from all majors and backgrounds in the most sought-after skills across data, AI, and cloud technology . Interested in becoming a Kubrick consultant? You can learn more about our specialisms and apply to start your journey today: