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Before Kubrick, I studied Philosophy at the University of Warwick which included a year abroad in Australia, and after graduation spent the summer working in marketing and finance as an assistant.

At my university, a vast majority of the students apply for Finance or Law positions, however neither of those options particularly appealed to me (especially given the lengthy hours!), and it seemed I couldn’t secure a position in either of them without some experience. On the other hand, anyone can learn how to code, and as a sixth form lecturer once said to me, “you are the first generation that needs to know how to code, but don’t”. This really stuck with me, and while I studied a non-STEM subject at university, I didn’t let this hold me back and began applying for data consultancy graduate schemes.

I first saw Kubrick advertised on a job board and luckily a friend of mine already worked there. I was able to get her opinion on both the model and company, and she told me how great it was. The opportunity to launch a career in data and technology without any prior experience was huge, especially as I came from a non-STEM background. The fact you are paid to train was an additional bonus that sealed the deal for me as there are plenty of free coding courses online, but none that pay you to train and few that guarantee a full-time job post-training.

The Kubrick training was very intense but also very rewarding. Not only did the training cover technical information which I had never studied before, but it also covered various elements of working in technology that I was unaware of such as agile working and SCRUMBAN.

In terms of networking opportunities, Kubrick has been amazing. I still talk to my Kubrick team every day and am still in touch with many people from my training cohort. I have an excellent relationship with my CRMs and client account manager, and I imagine we’ll keep in touch long after my placement period is over. In addition, I would never be in the position or company I am now without Kubrick, and I have made so many friends and contacts at my client placement - one of whom is still acting as a mentor.

For anyone considering a career in data and tech I would say don’t let your background stop you. No matter how artsy your subject, if you’re willing to learn and work hard, you can easily train to be a capable data consultant working in technology.

In terms of Kubrick accelerating my career, the short answer - yes. The long answer is that like every growing company, Kubrick isn’t perfect, yet the one thing me and my old team constantly say is that none of us would be where we are without it. The opportunities it provides are like no other, and so many who come from non-STEM backgrounds would never be in the positions they are in had they not completed the Kubrick training first. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to move from a technical product manager to experimentation analyst had I not been a revered Kubrick employee! It is without a doubt the best aspect of Kubrick and I’m so glad I made the decision to join.

I would definitely recommend Kubrick to others. It is not for the faint-hearted, as the training is intense. But if you’re up for a challenge, and want to break into the world of data and technology, Kubrick couldn’t be a better fit.

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