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Kubrick’s brand-new podcast series shines a light on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world of next-generation technology.

‘Diversifying Data’ is brand-new podcast series from the team at Kubrick HQ which is uncovering the everyday champions who are transforming the data and technology space as members and builders of a diverse and inclusive workforce. The monthly show will explore all corners of DEI, including gender, race, and neurodivergence. The premiere episode features Kubrick’s own Cloud Engineering consultant Shijo Varghese and Kubrick Alumni Amanda Arthur.

The podcast is hosted by Charlotte Clark, Kubrick Alumni Community Manager and DEI lead, and Rakhi Sharma, Client Account Manager, both of whom are longstanding supporters of Kubrick’s commitment to continually improve DEI within our organization and the wider technology industry. We caught up with the hosts to learn more about the podcast.

“The series was actually one of my first ideas right in the first month of my employment with Kubrick!”, Charlotte said. “It was really important to me to develop an avenue that amplifies the voices of underrepresented communities and offers insight into their narratives and perspectives that are often overlooked (or only acknowledged on National Awareness Days!). I wanted guests to feel they had a platform to be heard on, and to be able to share their experiences and celebrate their successes. Society has made great progress towards becoming more diverse and fostering inclusivity, but that progress only continues if we continue to make it a priority. This podcast is a way of doing just that - continuing to amplify voices of those who have historically been silenced.

“I hope the podcast demonstrates the sheer diversity of perspectives that exists within the tech and data communities. I want our listeners to not only be impressed by the caliber of people in the Kubrick communities, but to have a better understanding of the unique value they each add to the industry. I’m excited to share stories from real people who remind our audience of themselves, and thus show that they can excel in their careers as well – and that they will be celebrated for their successes.”

Episode 1, which hosts Kubrick consultants both past and present, is an in-depth look at their journeys into Kubrick’s training program and onsite with clients. They share their excitement to progress their careers with Kubrick while reflecting on the criticality of diversity and inclusion to innovate the tech world. For Cloud Engineer Shijo, his dyslexia has become a powerful component in how he brings a fresh approach to data challenges, and he gives his advice on the importance of acceptance and authenticity of self. Amanda, a new member of the Kubrick Alumni network, gives her insight on drawing on mental wellbeing and resilience to overcome discrimination.

Co-host Rakhi, reflecting on her initial thoughts about joining the show, said: “When Charlotte approached me to co-host the podcast, I was immediately out of my comfort zone, but I realized it had the power to amplify something that I am particularly passionate about – people’s individual stories. Diversity isn’t a statistic or something that a company should push hard to achieve; it is necessary for the development of any industry. As a client account manager, I am partnered very closely with my clients to understand their strategic objectives. However, it’s through understanding their personal connections to their industry and to data that allows me to gain valuable insights. I really hope to share some of these diverse perspectives with people like myself, who don’t come from a data or tech background and who are looking to understand more.”

“I hope that the listeners feel that they take something different from the podcast with every episode.”, she added. “Whether it is learning something completely new about the industry, hearing a story that resonates with their own journey, or just getting a better perspective on all the different avenues there are to joining Kubrick or the data and tech industry, the podcast caters to all.”

Diversifying Data Episode 1 is available to watch and listen now. Stay tuned for Episode 2 next month!

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