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Rakhi Sharma meets with Dana-James Edwards and Hazel Chester's to discuss this year International Women's day 2023 theme of Gender Equity

As we celebrate this year’s International Women’s day, we are proud to share our latest podcast focusing on Gender Equity.During this podcast @Rakhi Sharma speaks with Global Head of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Dana James-Edwards. and Kubrick Advanced Consultant Hazel Chester’s on what gender equity is, how it differs to gender equality, and the positive impact gender equity has on both people and organisations.

How to Achieve Gender Equity? Diversifying Data Podcast - YouTube

Together Rakhi, Dana and Hazel discuss the challenges around gender equity that still exist in the workplace and how steps still need to be taken to improve this.Lastly, they highlight the issues that are specific to data and tech, and the steps people and organisations can take to embrace gender equity and drive positive change.

A massive thank you to our guests for taking part in this episode and for sharing their personal experiences.

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