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Rakhi is joined by 2 of Kubrick’s Data Product consultants to explore what diversity looks like in a data team and how, by recognising and championing authenticity of self in the workplace, organisations can thrive.

This week's guests, Joe and Sonal, both joined Kubrick after studying non-STEM degree disciplines. They reflect on the importance of the diversity of thought to approach challenges in a different way, combining their interest in technology with an analytical and business-forward mindset.

Sonal, who is working at one of Kubrick's financial services clients, shares her experiences within her client organization as all teams strive to improve diversity from the top down, as well the shift in culture she has witnessed which has allowed her to speak open and honestly about mental health. Joe, who supports Kubrick’s internal strategy and analytics functions, reflects on Kubrick’s own drive to improve diversity from all perspectives to create a more inclusive workplace and considers his own experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Together, they highlight the criticality of businesses to recognise diversity not only as a social benefit, but an essential part of their strategy to stay relevant and competitive.

Many thanks to both Joe and Sonal for joining the conversation to share your own story and insights.

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