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In this month’s episode of Diversifying Data we focus on Intersectionality in Data.

In this month’s episode of Diversifying Data we focus on Intersectionality in Data, featuring our host Rakhi Sharma and our guest Neeraj Goel Mittal, Global Head of Data, Analytics and AI at ViiV Healthcare.

All too often we talk about women in data as if they and their experiences are all the same, when this is simply not true. While there may be echoes of similarity across the stories of women in data, we must also acknowledge that the combination of factors that make each person unique impacts the way they experience and navigate the world and the barriers they face as a result.

Intersectionality is about understanding that the social categorisations which make up a person cannot be treated in isolation, because they are interconnected. It recognises that individuals can experience multiple forms of oppression or privilege at the same time, and these factors intersect to shape their experiences and identities.

During the podcast Neeraj speaks openly about how intersectionality has affected her personally both in and outside of the workplace and challenges she has faced and overcome.
Together Rakhi and Neeraj also discuss a recent Women in the Workplace report which provides an intersectional look at the specific biases and barriers faced by women, with the report providing a clear indication that women at work are having different experiences based on intersectional characteristics, in particular their ethnic background.

Lastly, they consider whether organisations are talking enough about intersectionality as well as some of the risks of overlooking or ignoring intersectionality in the workplace.

A huge thank you to Neeraj for being our guest on this episode and for sharing her personal insights and experiences with us all.