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In this month’s episode of Diversifying Data, we are celebrating National Inclusion Week.

Host Rakhi Sharma is joined by Trudy Norris Grey. Trudy is a pivotal member of Kubrick’s Advisory Board, and an exceptional leader who has had an illustrious career in technology working for brands including Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, AXA and BT. In addition to her work with Kubrick, she is the Chair of UCAS Board of Trustees and WISE.

Founded by Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week (NIW) is a week dedicated to celebrating inclusion and taking action to create inclusive workplaces. The theme for National Inclusion Week 2023 is ‘Take Action Make Impact’, a call to action for all in the organisation, from leaders to L&D professionals, teams, and individuals.

Throughout the podcast, Trudy discusses what inclusion means to her, her own personal experiences she has faced when it comes to inclusion in the workforce, plus her experiences of being a working parent and raising a family at the same time.

She also touches on the steps organisational leaders can take to integrate wellbeing initiatives, to promote a more inclusive workforce, and what organisations like us are doing to support this.

Lastly, Trudy gives tips and actionable insights that can be implemented within the workplace to promote positive changes in wellbeing and inclusion.

Lastly, we would also like to highlight that at the end of August, Trudy and her husband were kind enough to sponsor and speak at the launch of our network for women & non-binary people ‘Elevate’. It was a powerful session that many employees attended, either in person or virtually, and we can’t wait to hold more of these in future.

Trudy is a passionate champion of women in leadership and STEM and shared her career journey and experiences of being a woman in technology and leadership, as well as giving advice on the topic. Together with her husband, they also give an insight to their parenting journey as both built their careers while raising their three children.

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