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In this month’s episode of Diversifying Data we are discuss Social Mobility.

In this month’s episode of Diversifying Data, host Rakhi Sharma M.Sc is joined by Tracey Young (She/Her), Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Associate at Kubrick. Throughout this episode, they explore the theme of Social Mobility through understanding the challenges, solutions, how it affects people specifically in the workplace as well as Tracey's own experiences with the topic.

Tracey explains the two schools of thought when it comes to Social Mobility with examples as well as highlighting what research into the topic has told us. Tracey also delves into the three different elements of social mobility and expresses her own personal experiences and barriers with Social Mobility progression.

Lastly, Tracey and Rakhi reflect on how employers have the ability to remove the barriers faced by social mobility, as well as what organisations can be doing to support Social Mobility and Social Inclusion. the importance of discussing this topic and why these conversations are important in order to drive positive change.If you would like to find out more about Social Mobility, you can do so here: Social Mobility Toolkit - Guide for Businesses - Social Mobility Commission (

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