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February's Diversifying Data podcast explores AI.

Host and Senior Partnerships Manager Rakhi Sharma, is joined by Associate Principal Mirela Gyurova to discuss all things AI, more specifically how bias shows up and what the effect of this bias leads too.

During the podcast Rakhi and Mirela explore the growing concern surrounding AI ethics and bias, delving into recent examples that illustrate these issues. From seemingly innocuous biases to more impactful ones, the discussion sheds light on the multifaceted ways bias manifests in AI systems. Examples range from biased facial recognition algorithms to discriminatory hiring practices perpetuated by AI-driven tools.

Despite the ongoing discussion, progress in addressing AI bias has been slow. Various factors contribute to this, including the lack of diversity within the AI field itself. Diversifying the AI community could enhance its ability to identify and mitigate bias effectively. Moreover, improving transparency around algorithms, incorporating fairness definitions into the training process, and implementing better auditing practices are crucial steps toward addressing these issues.

Lastly, Mirela and Rakhi mention how at Kubrick we are training the next generation of data workers. By educating future professionals about AI ethics and bias, Kubrick can contribute to creating a more ethically responsible and inclusive AI ecosystem.

Thank you to our wonderful host and speaker for exploring such an important topic.

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