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As a LinkedIn Top Voice of 2023 and an Associate VP in Products & Strategy, Supreet Kaur provided valuable insights during a fireside chat with our Kubrick Consultants. From her experience as a Product Manager in data and AI, to her journey building a brand on LinkedIn with over 7,000 followers, Supreet offered beneficial information on how to leverage your network, develop professionally, and advocate for yourself.

One of the Top 25 Women in AI in Finance and one of the Top 100 Women in AI in 2023 (ReWork), Supreet Kaur is an Associate VP in Products & Strategy at one of Kubrick's clients in Financial Services and a Google Women TechMakers Ambassador, passionate about AI, data, and inspiring others. Recently, she led a fireside chat at Kubrick’s New York office, where Kubrick Consultants were able to learn from Supreet’s experiences and ask questions firsthand about leveraging your network and developing professionally.

“I thought it was amazing to hear from Supreet and hear about her journey as a young woman starting my career in consulting,” said Kubrick Consultant Heidi Korando, “it was inspiring to see where I could potentially be in a few years.”

Supreet spoke candidly about the obstacles she has encountered, both early in her career and even to this day, and she captivated the audience by emphasizing the importance of advocating for yourself in a professional setting, especially in a traditionally male-dominated industry. “Her advice on self-advocacy was eye opening and something I need to start practicing,” remarked Heidi, “in a professional landscape where gender disparities persist, embracing self-advocacy helps us women overcome biases, shatter glass ceilings, and pave the way for equal recognition and advancement.”

With engaging storytelling, Supreet recounted how she harnessed her passion and expertise to create content that resonates with her growing LinkedIn following, acknowledging the importance of authenticity, providing value, and building a connected community that empowers you. “Everyone has something valuable to say,” Supreet emphasized, “and everyone deserves for their voice to be heard,” when you grant yourself the opportunity to put your voice and passion out into the world. Supreet shared anecdotes of how she expanded her network, and encouraged attendees to leverage their own networks for growth opportunities and genuinely connect with others who inspire you. Her journey encourages others to embrace their own narratives and illuminated a path to a more inclusive tech landscape.

“It was inspiring to listen to Supreet’s story and hear how she overcame various adversities to become the strong tech professional she is today,” reflected Kubrick Consultant Success Manager Angela Adams. For Angela, whose role is to guide Kubrick consultants throughout their initial 4-month training period and transition to client projects, Supreet’s talk helped illustrate the ways Kubrick consultants can leverage the training and client experience Kubrick provides. “Supreet is the epitome of what women can achieve within tech, as long as they keep advocating for themselves and continue to build on their learnings,” Angela remarked, “and the culture and training we have at Kubrick espouses these lessons. It’s exciting to think that a lot of our female consultants are already on their way to building an illustrious career of their own.”

"For our consultants to gain valuable insights from a woman who has paved the way for herself in the tech industry is very encouraging,” added Kubrick Consultant Success Manager Natasha Thomas, “and even more exciting that our Kubrick consultants are on a trajectory to reach this level." As a Consultant Success Manager supporting our consultants deployed on client projects, Natasha empowers consultants to continue their development beyond training. “As many of our consultants work in the product management space within data and AI for major Financial Services organizations, it was especially relevant to have a role model who could showcase the importance of cultivating both technical skills and the art of a business-forward mindset to influence stakeholders and create products that prove value.”

As the fireside chat concluded, Kubrick Consultants were left inspired and motivated to take charge of their careers, and Supreet’s insights on networking, advocating for oneself, and creating an impact that you are passionate about were valuable lessons for everyone in the audience, regardless of gender.

Kubrick is a next–generation technology consultancy which helps organizations grow their data, AI, and cloud capability – as well as their teams. By building our own workforce of consultants, cultivated by our industry-leading training programs, we overcome the digital skills divide and increase diversity in the technology sector. We have added over 1,750 professionals to the data and technology industry, bringing in 2x the industry average of female technical professionals, while providing continuous support and upskilling for our consultants in today's most sought-after skills.

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