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This Black History Month, Kubrick Client Team member Leah Yohans sat down with some of Kubrick’s Black technology leaders – current and future – to open a dialogue to explore the relationship between the data and technology industry and recognizing Black history.

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Leah was joined in conversation by Chris Onowu, Head of Data Product at Kubrick, who reflects on his experiences after nearly a decade in the industry and gave his insights on the cultural barriers he and others have faced when entering the field. Accompanying Chris was one of his former trainees, and now a fully-fledged Data Product Consultant, Sena Nwosu. As a new member of the workforce driving transformation, Sena shared her motivations for launching a career in data after specializing in human diversity and ethical data collection during her undergraduate degree in Anthropology, which culminated in her dissertation on the experience and exclusion of black women in medical research and treatment.

Leah, a longstanding champion of Black technology leaders and host of her own podcast series Black Tech Talks, was inspired to record this conversation after much personal research on the challenges of diversity in the technology sector and the limitations on technology access for black people that result from their exclusion in solution design and development.

“I love that we can create a space that celebrates Black achievements in Data. This podcast reminded me that these kinds of conversations need to be had all the time and not just this month, so I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to do that with two successful Black leaders in the industry.”

Many thanks to Leah, Chris, and Sena for hosting this conversation. For more information on Black History Month, visit:

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