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I recently graduated from the University of Birmingham, where I studied History. I could see that the data and technology industry was growing, as companies were increasingly recognising its importance, and this continual expansion could open many exciting possibilities for my career.

I am passionate about data because of how quickly a project can have an impact. I would say it is the most exciting part of the business to be in - colleagues who are not familiar with the world of data are always keen to get involved! I also love the continuous opportunities to keep learning and developing.

The offering of training initially drew me to Kubrick by way of getting into the data industry, which likely would have been inaccessible to me otherwise. Online reviews demonstrated that consultants had really enjoyed their time in the training programme as they learnt a lot, and quickly. I was also attracted to the list of clients as it covered a range of industries with names that I recognised and could soon be working with.

Before joining Kubrick, I didn’t have any coding experience. Now, I feel confident in my coding abilities. Whilst the training kickstarted my capabilities, I have also received ongoing support from Kubrick as well as opportunities from my client to help me develop both technically and professionally.

Kubrick has a very fun culture - you get to work with a lot of like-minded people, which makes work genuinely enjoyable. It is also a very supportive environment. I know that I can rely on my Kubrick Consultant Relationship Manager for advice and guidance at any time!

Since joining my client, I am extremely proud to have won a hackathon run by Amazon Web Services (AWS). In small teams, we were challenged to create a product using AWS’ machine learning capabilities to solve a business problem, which we presented to a panel of senior managers. I was nervous to participate as it had been a year since my Kubrick training on machine learning technology, but I gained confidence in both using AWS and in my presentation skills, which was immensely rewarding.

If you’re considering a career in data, I would say, do it! Make sure to keep learning and don’t be afraid to ask for help as you’re getting started. Take advantage of all opportunities thrown at you, whether that be hackathons or any additional training opportunities to develop your soft skills.

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