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Prior to joining Kubrick Advanced, I spent four years working at EY following a mathematics degree at Heriot Watt University. After graduating, I joined EY in a Tax Technology and Transformation team before moving internally into their Technology and Data Operations team. Whilst at EY, I worked within a number of industries and clients and developed strong stakeholder management skills.

After four years at EY, I decided to pivot my career into data and technology and was attracted to Kubrick Advanced because of their paid training. I wanted to develop a good overall ability so I could understand various tools and technologies and subsequently support clients on a wide range of technical projects. The paid training was an added benefit, as it meant I could focus solely on upskilling without having to sacrifice my earnings.

The ability to choose the practice that was right for me was also a big draw, as this would determine the types of projects I would be involved in post-training. I selected Data Product as it allowed me to understand how data and technology is used holistically throughout an organisation, whilst enabling me to continue utilising and developing my stakeholder management skills.

Lastly, the highly-encouraged development days and easy access to key qualifications that are useful for Kubrick Advanced, the client, and my own career progression sealed the deal. Kubrick is committed to supporting its staff throughout the 15 weeks of training and beyond, and there is a strong, supportive, and collaborative culture when learning and preparing for qualifications which makes the whole process far more enjoyable and manageable.

In terms of Kubrick, the culture is extremely supportive and encouraging. There is a clear focus on hiring people that complement the culture which values and champions diversity of backgrounds and thoughts, collaboration, innovation, the ability to adapt to new situations and challenges, and evidence-based decision-making. They also have a strong calibre of clients, meaning regardless of your placement you’re guaranteed to work on rewarding projects that support your continuous development, and the in-house training team of industry experts and well-structured, bespoke training program is also excellent, meaning you can start any client project with confidence.

During the 15 weeks of training, I was exposed to a wide range of tools, technologies, and frameworks, including SQL, Python, Jira, PowerBI, Alteryx, Agile Development Methodology, Dev Ops, Stakeholder Management, and Requirements Gathering; all of which are commonly used across industries and applicable to a multitude of technical and non-technical projects. The training was a good mixture of both focused, instructor-led sessions and collaborative project work. We were also given plenty of opportunities to apply what we had learned to challenges and were given the time to ask questions and work through problems with the trainers, who were all very knowledgeable and patient. We were given regular assessments to help solidify what was taught during the sessions, plus feedback and guidance on areas we needed to improve on. Additionally, we had access to online content through Kubrick’s online development portal which enabled us to continue developing our skills both during the sessions and in our spare time (if we wished to do so).

Since embarking on my first client placement, I have been working on a Data Management project. I have acted as a Product Owner, helping the Senior Data Architect gather a comprehensive list of data requirements that will be used to support a large digital transformation project.

The Kubrick training was invaluable as it gave me all of the technical skills needed to thrive on client site, whilst helping to develop my professional skills. The Stakeholder Management training prepared me for client projects and has enabled me to approach challenges and manage expectations more effectively. The Agile training has been useful when developing epics, features, and user stories, and the SQL and Snowflake training has aided the development and delivery of such projects.

As a member of Kubrick Advanced, I have also been given numerous opportunities to continue developing post-training. For instance, the quarterly team training days enable us to knowledge-share, present ideas back to the team, and provide each other with support and guidance. We also attend regular Lunch and Learns, where we develop our understanding in a particular area, and are given the opportunity to obtain certifications and qualifications through Kubrick’s list of approved tech partners. The Client Success managers are also great at providing additional support, and you can always turn to others within the Kubrick Advanced team, and Kubrick as a whole, for guidance whenever necessary.

In my opinion, joining Kubrick Advanced has most definitely accelerated my career. The opportunity to learn from a team of industry leaders and the network of trained Kubrick consultants has been invaluable. The security in taking the time to train, being paid to do so, and knowing you have a client placement lined up post-training also enabled me to focus on my personal development without any additional worries, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do without Kubrick. You are also given opportunities to lead teams and develop on previous experience from the get-go, without having to spend time working your way up or proving yourself to others. Lastly, it has enabled me to work with data, which is something I’ve wanted to do for some time and am keen to focus on going forward in my career.

I would strongly recommend both Kubrick Advanced and Kubrick to others. Kubrick has been so easy to settle into due to the friendly, welcoming, and supportive colleagues at all levels. I have felt comfortable raising areas of my project that I was struggling with without fear of judgement and have received ongoing support from numerous people across the business. Finally, the training is an excellent foundation for anyone that’s looking to make that transition from general business consultancy into tech and data consultancy.

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