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Simon founded Kubrick with Managing Partner Tim Smeaton in response to the expanding technology skills gap, which has continued to accelerate with an acute shortage in the data, and AI, and cloud space. With 20 years of experience as a business partnership, Simon and Tim shared a vision of an alternative model which could solve this most pressing issue for businesses and society at large, helping organizations to evolve and embrace next-generation technology whilst kick-starting the careers of our future workforce and leaders.

Upon graduating from university, Simon began his career in the film industry. However, he quickly realised this was not his strong suit and made the sensible decision to become an entrepreneur. He utilized his creative faculties to design businesses which address the most pressing industry issues, joining forces with Tim for their first business in 2000. They launched a search business which specialized in finding talent with both technical skill and business literacy - a much sought-after combination of the time. Their experience was invaluable, as they learned to grow a business from a small, niche operator to a listed company which operates in 70+ countries with over 500 members of staff.

Simon is especially passionate about the economic and social possibilities of harnessing data and AI; whilst it has already revolutionized our capabilities in areas such as healthcare, renewable energy, and space exploration, we are still at the start of our journey. He is a strong advocate for improving diversity and inclusion in data and AI, recognising that we all reap the benefits of diversity of thought and representation. He works closely with both our clients and technology partners to understand and anticipate upcoming challenges in an everchanging world.

I am incredibly proud of the strategic partnerships we have forged with our clients. They continue to use Kubrick consultants to transform and better prepare themselves for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.Simon Walker, CCO and Co-Founder