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Oliver joined the Kubrick leadership team in February 2018 to build our passionate People team who help our consultants navigate their journey through Kubrick. He delivers cohesion throughout the business, ensuring our industry-leading training programs are filled with the bright, ambitious young professionals and our ongoing support and development initiatives are effective and accessible to onsite consultants and alumni.

Prior to joining Kubrick, Oliver had an extensive career in the British Army as an officer. He developed his expertise in leadership and organisation, operating in complex, challenging environments to manage stakeholders, whilst working in locations including Afghanistan, Kenya, Belize, the Falkland Islands and Canada to bring his teams together to achieve a common goal. Oliver possesses a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a master’s degree in International Security.

As Head of People, Oliver has helped to shape our growth and values. He is a champion of increasing diversity and inclusion in data and next-generation technology practices, working to drive diversity in our recruitment and engagement processes as we break through the industry average. He has been integral to the scaling of Kubrick’s specialisms and body of consultants and celebrates the Kubrick mindset of working autonomously, thinking critically, and trying something new.

In addressing the future skills gap now, we are helping ensure people are prepared for the future, and the workforce is fit for purpose.Oliver Allnutt, Head of People