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Lawrence joined Kubrick at the beginning of its evolution, moving the organization from the stage of inception to practice. He developed and delivered the first iterations of Kubrick’s specialist training program and continues to manage and expand the training capabilities as the Director of Next-Generation Technology. He is an inspiring educator of technology with extensive experience in a business-focused approach.

Lawrence has spent over 20 enjoyable years working with data. After finishing his education, he began his data journey at a global asset management firm as a Database Administrator. He subsequently spent the early 2000's gaining a host of Microsoft certifications, from NT4 MCSE to certifications in SQL. This early foundation in data and technology incited Lawrence to start his own data consultancy, through which he expanded his network and exposure to a multitude of industries and their demands over the course of 9 years. Subsequently, his work as a contractor focused on the financial, legal, and healthcare sectors.

Lawrence’s passion and expertise in data and technology is a driving force in ensuring Kubrick consultants operate at the fore of technical advancements. His utilizes his knowledge and experience of the technological evolution to map and anticipate our client’s needs, shaping our specialist practices. He is currently most interested in the developing demands of cyber security in the data, AI, and cloud space.

In the words of Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, ‘Readability counts’Lawrence Freeman, Director of Next-Generation Technology