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Kubrick sign the Microsoft Partner Pledge to change the technology industry for the better.

This week sees Kubrick advance their Gold Partnership with Microsoft to join the Partnership Pledge[1], a call out to the organisations which harness their cutting-edge technology to likewise harness their partnership for good. The pledge is a culmination of several initiatives which focus on solving the UK’s digital skills crisis whilst also anticipating and alleviating the potential for negative social impact which may come with technological advancement. As an official signatory of the pledge, Kubrick have joined a community of organisations across the UK who are committing to change, including the likes of KMPG, Capgemini, and PwC.

The pledge focuses on 5 critical goals:

  • Digital skills
  • Diversity
  • Responsible and Ethical AI
  • Sustainability
  • Apprenticeships

The pledge comes in the midst of Microsoft’s Get on 2021 campaign[2], a 5-year programme launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help 1.5 million people build careers in technology. Microsoft have long been at the fore of research surrounding the mounting skills emergency in the UK and across the world, creating the Get On 2021 initiative to demonstrate how enterprises, technology providers, and governmental organisations must collaborate in order to ensure the workforce is equipped to handle the rapid digitisation ahead. The Partner Pledge is a means to leverage their highly influential partners to play their part, uniting market-leaders from across all industries in a common goal. If successful, such an influx of investment in creating an inclusive and sustainable solution to our economy’s next greatest challenge will ensure this digital boom is the start of something bigger and better, not a flash in the pan.

Jay Lockwood, Head of Channel Alliance at Kubrick, reflects on the importance of the pledge:

“We are absolutely delighted to have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge as a means to underpin our dedication to supporting technological transformation in an ethical and inclusive way - and be held accountable to this promise, not simply declare it. From the very start, our partnership with Microsoft has been built on the foundation of sharing the same values, with diversity at the heart of everything we do.

“In particular, we understand that it is our fundamental responsibility to help the UK prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and our partnership with Microsoft is an integral part how we achieve that. Kubrick are uniquely placed to train the next generation of technology professionals in the skills we need in both the private and public sector, and we are proud to be a driving force in Microsoft’s commitment to closing the skills gap.

“As Microsoft state, ‘Together, we can achieve amazing things’. These shared values and priorities are critical to how we work and achieve success together."

To learn more about our partnership with Microsoft and other leading technology providers, how they support our training programmes, or how you can become a partner of Kubrick, visit:



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