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Richard joined Kubrick in April 2021 to help shape and deliver our industry-leading training. He utilises his extensive experience in the field to teach and provide technical support which combines the fundamentals of data engineering with today’s latest tools and a business-focussed approach.

Richard has enjoyed a career as a Data Engineer for over 30 years, starting as an Oracle Consultant in 1987. Throughout his career, he has led a number of development teams and has designed and built database systems for many companies in a wide variety of industries such as Banking, Insurance, Construction, Utilities, and Gaming.

Richard is passionate about Kubrick’s innovative business model, which has given him the opportunity to pass on his wealth of experience and give those starting out in their careers the training they need to succeed. He is an advocate for recognising data as the key to understanding businesses of all sizes, which he shares with our consultants as they work with clients in all industries and at all stages of transformation.

Data can tell a story, present challenges and issues; the fun is in recognising those challenges and providing solutions to those problems.Richard Hall, Principal Consultant - Data Engineering