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Maria joined Kubrick in July 2018 as a Data Management consultant. After completing our training and 2-year development period onsite with clients, she joined the Kubrick Training and Development team in April 2021 to share her experience and technical skill with new consultants. She is passionate about the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of our consultants, having benefited herself from our salaried training and exposure to personal and professional development whilst with clients.

Before joining Kubrick, Maria graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Leeds. Throughout university, she tutored primary and secondary school students in maths with the Tutor Trust, where she also completed a year in industry as the Leeds Tutor Coordinator to oversee the recruitment and pastoral care of new and current tutors. Her work included helping to deliver a project for the Education Endowment Fund to measure the improvement of students from their tuition, securing a “gold standard evidence of impact” in the EEF evaluation report.

Whilst on site with our clients, Maria specialised in implementing data quality rules and controls using next-generation technology, progressing to a managerial role for data quality processes. As an Associate Principal, she helps Kubrick to stay on the cutting-edge of technological development by undertaking research and content creation to expand our training and capabilities, understand our clients’ needs, and improve project delivery in the training lab to push our consultants to the fore.

The importance of understanding data is still being realised by businesses and organisations; once that understanding is unlocked, it is a playground for the technical teams.Maria Robson, Associate Principal