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We have redefined our positioning in the world of next-generation technology.

We look a bit different these days! On March 3rd, 2021, we unveiled our new logo, colour scheme, and fresh perspective on Kubrick. In celebration of this exciting update, we wanted to share our journey to finding a visual identity and approach which truly reflect who we are, what we do, and where we are going.

Kubrick exists in order to solve the growing skills emergency which is undermining the development of organisations across the globe. We can shape tomorrow’s world by developing today’s talent, increasing the size and diversity of the workforce with cutting-edge skills that enable businesses to transform. Whilst we maintain and pursue our purpose with passion, we understand that the future of technology and transformation requires a bigger lens to capture the full picture. Utilising industry-focused research to anticipate tomorrow’s biggest challenges, we have already embarked on a mission to address an alarming shortage of capability within AI and cloud technology, in addition to our host of training programmes within the data space. As the advancement of technology continues to accelerate, there will soon be more areas for us to tackle and master.

How we used to identify as Kubrick

We needed to encompass all of our capabilities and share our mission in a way which could better resonate with our clients, consultants, and partners. Evolving our visual and linguistic identity was a task which could do more than explain our technological specialisms and the practical applications of our training. We wanted to articulate our strong and unwavering belief in the power of uniting people and technology to create sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world, whether embedding long-term capability in the workforce of our clients or solving their short-term capacity challenges, whilst providing tomorrow’s leaders with the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

How we identify as Kubrick today

Our new logo embodies our central purpose: with the momentum of today’s brightest young minds and cutting-edge tools, we help individuals and organisations evolve and embrace next-generation technology to stay relevant, compete, and win. Our bright green dot is every Kubrick consultant, client, alumni member, and partner, who can accelerate and amplify their capabilities with us and get ahead. We are experts in unleashing the potential in both people and technology, as reflected by natural hues interspersed with our future-forward shade of green – the colour of growth. We’ve turned up the intensity of our signature colour to match our characteristics: we are bold, we are unique, and we are change-makers.

We are incredibly proud to have our visual identity and mission demonstrated across our website, which showcases our values, expert insights, and extraordinary impact. You can get to know our practices, our consultants, and our partnerships with leading technology providers, all of which allow us to help businesses transform. We invite you to explore our unrivalled flexibility of offering, from our onsite consultants, who embed within our clients’ workforces and can convert to FTE employees for long-term transformation, to our inhouse project team, which provides innovative and tailored solutions to a range of capacity challenges, including cost-effective management capability for our onsite consultants by blending these resources. At Kubrick, we have created a solution for businesses at all stages of transformation.

To learn how you can become a Kubrick consultant, how we can help your business to evolve and embrace next-generation technology, or how we are shaping tomorrow today, get in touch: