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We worked with Sainsbury’s in a strategic partnership in order to embed diversity in their data and technology functions.

How we embedded diversity in Sainsbury’s data teams to drive innovation in transformation.

Sainsbury’s utilised Kubrick to implement next-generation technologies whilst futureproofing their capabilities with diversity.





Conversion to FTE



The challenge

As Sainsbury’s technology division grew, they needed to align with the wider business commitment to diversity and inclusion. They recognised the power of diversity to improve capability, remove biases, and drive innovation and wanted to challenge the status quo in the data, AI, and cloud space.


The solution

Kubrick’s unique selection process and unrivalled training programme provided Sainsbury’s with a highly skilled and diverse group of consultants. They were equipped with both the cutting-edge technical ability and innovative, agile working practices required to embed and add instant value whilst augmenting the workforce for long-term transformation. As Sainsbury’s grew their dedicated data and technology team, Kubrick scaled their provision of consultants and augmentation to permanent employees to fulfil their needs sustainably.


The results

Sainsbury’s utilised a range of Kubrick’s specialist practises to support in the delivery of both essential data functions and cutting-edge products to revolutionise their insights and stay ahead of the competition in the race to digitise in retail. To add diversity of thought and experience, 62% of Kubrick staff engaged with Sainsbury’s were female, 80% of which have already converted to full-time employees to continue driving progress.

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