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MS Amlin used a blended squad of our experienced inhouse consultants and our onsite junior consultants for extremely cost-effective project delivery with skill and IP they could keep.

How we solved their short-term capacity challenge and embedded long-term capability

MS Amlin used Kubrick to deliver a high-impact solution whilst futureproofing their capability by retaining project resource as FTE employees.



Retained as FTEs


Cost saving


KubrickMS Amlin

The challenge

As a global speciality insurer and reinsurer, MS Amlin needed to rapidly evolve their data capability to stay at the fore of their industry. They required short-term, expert support to undertake a large-scale migration of reports and the underlying database infrastructure to a new, data-smart structure using Microsoft Power BI. They also needed to retire their legacy system in the most cost-effective way possible so as to reinvest the project’s saving on increasing permanent talent within their organisation for the longevity of their data transformation.


The solution

Kubrick provided a blended squad of consultants, combining the expertise of 2 of our inhouse project team with the support of 8 junior data consultants to process the large volume of work. Whilst our experienced consultants handled the complex web of stakeholder and delivery management, the onsite data consultants provided extensive data engineering at significantly lower costs than contractor or traditional consultancy rates.


The results

Our blended team allowed the onsite consultants to execute the extensive data engineering work with the leadership and management of our experienced consultants in just 7 months, relieving the bandwidth requirements of the client in all aspects of project management and delivery. Our extremely tailored service saved MS Amlin 25% compared to typical consulting rates and they have retained 4 of our consultants as FTE employees, seamlessly futureproofing their data capability with talent that was already onboarded into their team.

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