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The Kubrick team is highly diverse and supportive - people are always ready to offer advice and perspective.

I graduated from Loughborough University with a master’s degree in Physics, during which I completed a placement at GlaxoSmithKline within their supply chain team.

What I learnt was simple: data is central to all companies, from managing everyday issues to making big decisions effectively. I wanted to be a part of the teams that truly drove change.

I was inspired to apply to Kubrick after seeing both the training scheme and the client list, as I would have an opportunity to work for some of most renowned companies and gain invaluable experience to help access future opportunities. The training Kubrick provides is like no other programme on offer from other companies. It is so wide-ranging and balances the skills and professional development that we need to succeed in the industry.

There are a lot of graduates that join the scheme, so it also felt like a good transition between university and the workplace. The Kubrick team is highly diverse and supportive - people come from all kinds of academic and professional background and are always ready to offer advice and perspective to help consultants ease into the workforce.

During my current placement, I am working to create a document that illustrates all the datasets and sources within a platform. The project requires collaboration with teams all over the company, so I’ve been able to build a network for myself. This piece of work will provide the necessary information for senior employees to identify existing problems within the company and understand how they can solve them.

A career in data has its challenges as a very new industry. However, everyone is eager to work together to understand of how data can best help their company. In addition to the technical demands of the industry, it also encourages the development of skills like problem solving, communication, and teamwork. It is a fulfilling career, which I would encourage anyone to pursue!

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