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Kubrick staff team up to support the annual men’s health initiative.

This Movember, the yearly campaign to tackle critical challenges against men’s mental and physical health, a team from across Kubrick’s consultants and HQ staff joined forces to drive awareness and donations. Throughout of the month of November, colleagues of all genders took part in their own challenges and activities, from running and cycling to documenting the progress of their growing facial hair. Since its launch in 2003, Movember has gained the support of over 5 million people to take on prostate cancer and testicular cancer, as well as mental health and suicide prevention. Their collective aim is to have reduced the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030.

Joshua North
, star fundraiser for Team Kubrick, reflected on his decision to join the cause:
“Open and honest discussion around men’s mental and physical health is growing, thanks predominantly to Movember, and I wanted to play my part, however small. It’s a rare opportunity to do something that seems like a quiet deed – such as growing a moustache - and yet be able to make a large statement to the world which raises both awareness and funds. It was fantastic to work as team at Kubrick and share my efforts with colleagues, friends, and family.”

Charlotte Clark
, Alumni Community Manager and DEI Lead at Kubrick, said: “Fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace takes a common understanding that we can address the even the biggest challenges together. It also requires a great deal of active listening and learning to ensure you are supporting all voices and overcoming societal stigmas and taboos - something that used to silence the conversation about men’s mental and physical health. Year on year, we are seeing the conversation amplify and spread with the help of Movember, and we were incredibly grateful for the Kubrick team who not only raised funds for this important cause but also raised their voices on this topic with our community. It was also important to see employees of all genders get involved in this cause and sport moustaches of all shapes and sizes in solidarity!”

Team Kubrick
Team Kubrick

Many thanks to all at Team Kubrick: Jonathan Chowdhury, Pardeep Japper, Sam Apoola, Camilla Dickson, Martin Palmer, Alastair Foster, Sarah Collins, Joshua North, and Jack Bowman (pictured from top left to bottom right).

For more information on the Movember campaign and charity and for resources on supporting men’s mental and physical health, visit:

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