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Kubrick is supporting the International Charity Medical Aid Films to increase the impact of their digital health content both internally and externally.

Last July, Kubrick launched a new partnership with the award winning Charity Medical Aid Films to help increase the impact of their digital health content by working to improve data processes. Medical Aid Films is a charity that brings together health experts with creative content makers to create engaging, accessible digital health content, which empowers health workers and communities with vital knowledge and skills. With over 600 films being shown in more than 45 languages, and over 12 million digital views per year, the charity is already having a significant impact around the world. However, they looked to Kubrick to effectively increase their impact on external audiences and turned to us for support, which we were more than happy to provide.

Once our team had a better understanding of the Charity’s objectives, we reached out to our internal community of consultants to enlist the help of volunteers who wanted to support this project. We were amazed by the turnout, with over 40 consultants across the business signing up to the initiative within a matter of days. From this response we were able to successfully build a team of volunteers spanning data and technology who could support Medical Aid Films. Our data project team, led by Kubrick Advanced Member Tom White and Associate Principal Elmira, have worked closely with Medical Aid Films to fully understand their requirements and current data processes. The team’s detailed approach has enabled them to identify additional objectives and develop a roadmap in collaboration with Medical Aid Films that will significantly enhance the charity’s data processes and allow them to deliver even greater work in future.

Here's what the team at Medical Aid Films had to say about working with us:

Catherine McCarthy, CEO:
"The opportunity to work with Kubrick has already been transformational. Because the team took time to understand our context and challenges, they have delivered a road map and requirements report that is relevant and feasible but also really aspirational - this is very exciting for us, as we could never have produced this on our own."

Steven Zarnfaller, Head of Programmes:
"We are so privileged to be working with the Kubrick team. As well as bringing substantial tech expertise, we've been surprised how great our communication has been. They explain technical issues clearly and simply, which is important for us, and are keen to update us regularly. The team is focused on meeting deliverables and have clear pathways to achieving these but are able to adapt this to align with our processes and capacity."

Helen Coombe, Head of Evaluation and Research:
"We are very excited by this partnership with Kubrick. As a small, agile charity we find it a challenge to source consistent unrestricted funding that would allow us to develop our data management and analysis. Kubrick's support will give us the capacity to become truly data-driven, focusing essential health information and training content where there is greatest need and from the start of emerging health crises and challenges."

Feedback from Medical Aid Films team leaders and Head of Kubrick Advanced:

Tom White, Kubrick Advanced consultant:
"I began working with Medical Aid Films back in September 2021 and am responsible for both the organisation of internal resource for this project along with the scoping of future work. It has been fascinating working with Medical Aid Films and witnessing first-hand the quality of content that they create to address a diverse range of social issues, from educational videos on healthcare in Africa through to content that tackles the issue of ‘light skin’ bias in India. It is an exciting opportunity for Kubrick consultants to get involved with as it enables them to utilise their technological know-how to impact a third-sector organisation. By improving how Medical Aid Films uses its data, Kubrick will be providing opportunities to increase the impact of the content created by Medical Aid Films."

Elmira Ahmedova, Kubrick Advanced consultant:
"Medical Aid Films (MAF) is an awesome charity, doing a great deed for the society, helping everyone to get educated about and understand how to live a healthy life. I have been selected to join an initial focus group aimed at planning the work we will do for MAF as part of this initiative. As a result, I have got to witness first-hand the value MAF are adding every day with their impactful and accessible films, promoting knowledge and fighting bias. MAF team are bright, collaborative folks, always happy to get involved and open for suggestions. So far, we have worked hard behind the scenes to make sure more people from Kubrick Group will be able to join and contribute to this awesome charity with their incredible skills. It is exciting to leverage Kubrick Group's enthusiasm and support to be able to help out MAF with their data strategy and to enable MAF to add value to the society even more efficiently."

Dan Tomlinson, Head of Kubrick Advanced:
"Kubrick has built substantial experience helping our clients through the delivery of data focused projects. It’s fantastic to be able to use those experiences, and our talented consultants, to deliver value to such a worthwhile organisation. It’s been a privilege to partner with Medical Aid Films in this ongoing project and we look forward to supporting them further. This project is among the first initiatives we have kicked off as part of our commitment to our own corporate social responsibility and we will be looking to undertake more work like this, under the direction of our newly formed ESG Steering Committee.

We look forward to the next phase of delivery and witnessing the value Kubrick consultants bring to Medical Aid Films, both in the short and long term.

For more information on Medical Aid Films, click here.

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