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This International Volunteer Day, Kubrick are joining the UN’s annual celebration of the efforts of volunteers around the world who are transforming their societies, economies, and environment.

At Kubrick, we are proud to have consultants and staff supporting our partner organisations, Medical Aid Films and Mental Health Innovations. We’d like to mark this occasion by recognising all of the consultants who have helped Medical Aid Films and Mental Health Innovations improve their data processes, which has led to better insights and better services.

Medical Aid Films brings together health experts with film makers to create engaging, accessible media and communications – empowering health workers and communities with vital knowledge and skills. For more information click here.

Kubrick have been working with Medical Aid Films for over a year now, offering consultants the opportunity to contribute their skills in order to provide critical insight. Their focus has been to gather and present data from across their social media landscape in order to understand where Medical Aid Films are having the largest impact and where they could expand their reach. Speaking on their partnership, Head of Programmes at Medical Aid Films Steven Zarnfaller said: “Aside from their incredible technical know-how, Kubrick volunteers brought an enthusiasm and passion for the work akin to how Medical Aid Films' staff feels about its mission. You can't find a better partner.”

Kubrick Associate Principal and Lead Volunteer Elmira Ahmedova added, “The opportunity to help Medical Aid Films unlock their social media management data is amazing for our consultants as they get to help an amazing charity, which is so rewarding, but also, they empower folks at MAF to do what wasn’t possible for them before! This is a great supporting project, where everyone is gaining and winning – both the consultants and the charity. I feel lucky to work alongside our talented consultants to help unlock the power of Data. MAF are already reporting improvements on their video uptake based on analytics and advice our consultants have managed to provide!”

Mental Health Innovations is a charity that uses digital innovation, data-driven analysis and the experience of clinical experts to improve the mental health of the UK population through the provision of digital tools, support and resources. For more information click here. Kubrick conducted their first project with MHI in November 2022, using cohorts of the Data Engineers to scope, test, and present solutions for the charity as a pilot sprint project at the end of their training.

Mark Ungless, Director of Data Insights at Mental Health Innovations, reflected on their collaboration and the opportunity it provided: “At Mental Health Innovations we are committed to using data for good and, as our data set grows, we are continuously seeking out ways to enhance how we process and analyse it. We are extremely grateful for the support we received from Kubrick's consultants-in-training. Their talent and commitment meant they made remarkable progress across both projects, despite having to work through technically-challenging puzzles against a tight timeline!"

Kubrick Associate Principal Andy Keel, who led the project sprint, added, “MHI have millions of conversations about mental health. From this comes a lot of data. At Kubrick we've been working with them to improve the quality of python code, whilst implementing multi-threading and multi-processing to increase execution speed. This will allow them to process large volumes of data more efficiently.

“The projects have served as a great opportunity for our consultants to be involved in an impactful project before they begin their placements. It's been great to see how well they have managed such a complex and technical piece of work. Really, it's been a win-win!”

Many thanks to all of our consultant volunteers who have contributed their time, efforts, and skills to supporting these valuable initiatives. In particular, we’d like to recognise Elmira Ahmedova, Tom White, Andy Keel, William Tetlow, Lewis Smith, Oliver Kendall, Alex Glover, Ciaran Miles, Raphael Newing, Aboubakre Moussa. A special mention to Jaden McCracken, who proposed and built a cloud solution to run weekly social media data extracts for Medical Aid Films. The full solution costs less than just £1 a month, which is a viable outcome for our partners.

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