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What I love about data is that it is never static – it is always changing, and I am always learning.

Our lives are shaped by data on a day-to-day basis. It is multifaceted and provides a way to explore and shape business in new ways, from international multimedia to the pharmaceutical industry – and I wanted to be part of it.

Whilst data can be a subject of scrutiny, especially in regard to the use of personal data, I wanted to help utilise it for good; whether that be through automating processes to facilitate easier access to data, to analysing the data itself to facilitate more insightful business decisions. What I love about data is that it is never static – it is always changing, and I am always learning. I am constantly able to explore new areas of data that I had not considered before and develop my business-minded and analytical skills.

I didn’t come from a traditional STEM background. I studied Human, Social and Political Sciences at The University of Cambridge. My journey into data started after university, when I worked as a customer success manager for 7 months at a legal tech start-up. The role centred on solving problems and queries that clients were having with the software, encouraging uptake, and facilitating the signing of new clients. My interest in technology and data developed as I was exposed to the world of coding and UX/UI. Alongside my job, I completed an introduction to Python course in collaboration with Code First: Girls.

I was inspired to join Kubrick after learning about their plethora of clients across multiple industries. Kubrick’s training programme was also a big draw; paid training with top trainers in areas such as Python, Tableau and data processes was of great appeal. Plus, the opportunities for learning and personal development over the course of a two-year period was an exciting proposition, so I was compelled to apply.

I joined Kubrick with some background in coding but nothing more than this. What Kubrick really helped me with was developing a technical mindset in order to solve code-based, detailed problems. As well as enhancing my knowledge of code languages such as Python and SQL, Kubrick also taught me to understand the way in which data and business intersect to drive insight and commerce.

Kubrick fosters a team-based culture, which is really enjoyable. Throughout training, you are encouraged to work on projects in teams of varying sizes, so you get to know your cohort both inside and outside the workplace. The HQ team are friendly and responsive to any questions you may have throughout training and your connection to them continues into your placement stage.

A key achievement of mine whilst onsite with my client was a two-hour long presentation about insights to the Data Governance team and our capabilities that I helped deliver to senior stakeholders in the organisation. The success of the presentation saw many other teams begin to engage with our team to realise their vision for data cataloguing and navigation.

Interested in a career in data? Don’t let having a non-data background put you off! The great thing about Kubrick is that everyone is trained from scratch – it is not assumed that you have prior coding knowledge.

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