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London, UK - November 9th, 2023 - Kubrick Group, a consultancy specialised in next-generation technology, has been recognised as the 33rd fastest-growing business in London

This is part of the Fast Growth 50 index for 2023, which identifies the fifty fastest-growing companies across six nations and regions, including London. This achievement underlines Kubrick’s significant impact on London's economy and its capacity for growth and innovation.

About the Fast Growth 50

The Fast Growth 50 is an annual index that identifies the top 50 fastest-growing companies in six nations and regions, including London. This year's index for London has highlighted businesses from multiple sectors that together generated a turnover of £2.23 billion, at an average growth rate of 188 percent, with the creation of nearly 11,000 jobs last year.

Role in London's Business Scene

Being part of the Fast Growth 50, Kubrick has shown strong performance and made a positive contribution to London’s business community. With a portfolio of over 100 client organisations, Kubrick is supporting businesses in all industries to embrace next-generation technology and keep ahead of the ever-changing landscape.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, Founder Fast Growth 50
, said:
“The UK Fast Growth 50 Index demonstrates that a small number of fast growth firms such as Kubrick make a substantial contribution to the UK’s economic landscape, providing real examples of how innovation, enterprise and sheer hard work can make a real difference in all sectors from construction to financial services to technology.

Their incredible growth during difficult times shows that through generating wealth and jobs in their local communities, entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of regional and national prosperity. Most important of all, their success stories demonstrate the impact of ambition and adaptability, providing a blueprint for sustainable growth that will hopefully inspire others to follow a similar journey.”

This year’s Fast Growth 50 London list is in partnership with UBS, the world’s leading and truly global wealth manager. Mark Goddard, Head of UK Regions at UBS Global Wealth Management said:
“Business owners and entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy, and UBS has a long history advising and connecting them on each stage of their wealth journey, helping them to unlock their potential. Led by entrepreneurial spirit and often solving some of the UK’s biggest issues, the level of talent and innovation uncovered through this year’s list shows that more needs to be done to support small businesses to strengthen local economies and give back to the local community. As the lead sponsor of this year’s Fast Growth 50, UBS is looking forward to following and supporting these businesses as they go from strength to strength.”

Tim Smeaton, CEO of Kubrick Group
, added:
“In a year of challenging economic conditions, it is an honour to be part of a select group of businesses who are supporting the UK economy. Our growth means more than financial gains or job creation – it represents the skills and capability we are building in the workforce to help usher in the digital age and keep the UK relevant on the global technology stage. Our greatest achievements are helping our consultants to grow as professionals, helping our clients grow their impact and their teams, and how we support society at large to benefit from technology.”

What’s Next for Kubrick Group

2024 is set to be an important year for Kubrick’s growth and evolution, as they continue to evolve and expand their technical specialisms and solution delivery capability. Their initiatives are anticipated to increase job creation both within London, the wider UK, and with a specific focus on growing their US arm.

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