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On 22nd November 2022 we held our first career transitioning event in partnership with Women in Data. The aim of this event was to bring together women from all backgrounds, who are looking to pivot their career into data and technology, for an evening of insightful talks plus networking opportunities.

At Kubrick, we not only strive to bridge the skills gap in data and next-generation technology, but we are also committed to playing a key role in improving diversity in the tech industry. Our partnership with Women in Data is a pivotal avenue to connect with women across the industry, where we can listen, learn, and share in order to improve the experiences of those who are already transforming businesses with data, looking to pivot their career into data, and encourage today’s graduates and junior professionals to join the technology revolution.

“Kubrick and Women in Data® have strengthened our partnership once again and are driving career transition in partnership during 2023. #WiDWeek 2022 saw Kubrick host the first event in the series on career transition and collectively we are confident we can mobilise and equip brilliant talent to pivot their careers into data” said Roisin McCarthy Founder at Women in Data®.

Dan Tomlinson who is Head of Kubrick Advanced said “It was inspiring to see so many women from different backgrounds exploring pathways to pivot their career into data. Hearing the speakers’ personal stories of their own success in forging a career in data was so encouraging. The prevailing themes from the evening were “yes it’s possible”, and “yes, you should give it a go!”.

Our inspiring speaker at the event included Hazel Chester, Kubrick Advanced consultant. Hazel said "I loved the opportunity to speak to women who are about to take their first steps into the world of data. I hope that hearing about our different career transitions showed them that there is no 'typical' journey into data and that a data career is truly open to all."

We are proud to be continuing our partnership with Women in Data in our efforts to continue to cultivate a diverse workforce.

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